Tim Kaine Rallies Voters in Michigan


Tim Kaine campaigned in Michigan today were he began with a rally at a local fire station in Taylor. During his speech, Kaine spoke about Hillary’s presidential platform and her plans to create jobs by investing in manufacturing and infrastructure, support labor unions and their right to collectively bargain, raise the minimum wage, and make college more affordable. Kaine had a populist tone as he went after Republican Donald Trump for his rhetoric and comments against women and minorities. He said that unlike their opponent, he and Clinton will not focus on themselves, but every American and their families. Kaine wrapped up the event by urging everyone to vote on November 8th or to take advantage of early voting. A video from the event is below.

Kaine then traveled to Warren where he addressed the Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights. During his speech, Kaine focus on the economy and Clinton’s dedication to the middle class. He specifically spoke about jobs and Clinton’s plans to invest in manufacturing and infrastructure. He said, “If we do these basic things that Hillary Clinton planned, independent analysts say that our economy will grow ten and a half million jobs in the first four years.” Kaine also spoke about Clinton’s support for organized labor and guaranteed that a Clinton/Kaine administration would guarantee employee’s right to unionize and collectively bargain. A video from the event will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: CBS Detroit, Detroit News, Michigan Live, Michigan Radio