Kaine Campaigns in North Carolina, Holton in Nebraska


On Monday, Tim Kaine campaigned in North Carolina where he began the day at an event in Jacksonville. During his speech, Kaine outlined a number of Hillary Clinton’s key platform points including her plans to create jobs and continue the economic growth started by the administration of President Barack Obama. He said that the goal is to build an economy that works for everyone, and not just those at the top. Kaine also spoke about Donald Trump and attacked Trump for his disrespect for the military. As the father of a Marine, Kaine said, “We need someone who has known about (the military) in the past and know what we look for in the future, even know what the military stands for other than fighting.” Kaine wrapped up the event by asking everyone to vote and to take advantage of the state’s early voting adding, “You are not the kind of people to stand by. We’re going to go out on November 8 and make history and do something that’s never been done.” A video from the event is below.

In Sanford, Kaine continued to focus on the economy and Clinton’s plans to create jobs by investing in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, education and training, and helping small businesses. Kaine urged everyone to not become complacent by current polls indicating that the gap that favored Clinton in the polls is closing, something he said they knew would happen. “I’m the underdog until they call me the winner,” he said asking everyone to vote on November 8th or to take advantage of early voting. A video from the Sanford event is below.

Meanwhile, Kaine’s wife, Anne Holton, was in Omaha, Nebraska where she held two events in appreciation of campaign volunteers. Full coverage from Holton’s events will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: WNCT, Charlotte News & Observer