Senator Sanders Campaigns for Hillary in New Hampshire and Maine


On Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders returned to the campaign trail where he spoke at events in Plymouth and Hanover, New Hampshire. During his speech, Sanders spoke about the importance of the election and ensuring that a progressive is in the White House. He spoke about a number of Hillary Clinton’s platform points, including her plan to make college more affordable, a plan he and Clinton worked together on. Sanders said that electing Clinton is half the battle as she will need support in Congress. He encouraged voters to also support U.S. Senate candidate Maggie Hassan. Sanders concluded each event by urging everyone to vote on election day and to not get discouraged by the current political climate. “I understand that a lot of people are discouraged by this campaign, and some people are going to sit it out. Don’t you be one of them! The stakes are much too high. This is not a personality contest. You are not voting for the senior class president at the local high school. You are voting for the most important public official in the world. The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump are day and night.” Videos from the events in Plymouth and Hanover are below.

Sanders’ final event was of the day was a Stronger Together rally in Portland, Maine. Sanders spoke at Deering High School about the importance of voting saying, “Hillary Clinton will win Maine if there is a high voter turnout, she will lose if there’s low voter turnout. Those four electoral votes could literally make the difference as to who the next president of the United States is.” He spoke about Clinton’s progressive platform and the importance of continuing to make progress and assisting middle class families. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: Boston Globe, Maine Public, Portland Press Herald