Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Arizona and Nevada


Hillary Clinton campaigned in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday where she spoke about the importance of the election and electing down ballot Democrats such as Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. During her speech, Clinton outlined a number of her key platform points including her plans to create jobs, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and build an economy that works for everyone. Clinton attacked rival Donald Trump for admitting that he would only accept the results of the election if he won and for his divisive comments and policies. She concluded her speech by asking everyone to vote. “The question is what kind of change are we going to have? Are we going to build a fairer stronger better America or are we going to fear the future and each other?” she said. A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

Clinton then spoke at a rally in Tempe, Arizona. She appeared at the event with former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly. During her speech, Clinton spoke about a number of platform points including passing common sense control, creating jobs, and building an economy that works for everyone. She also went after Trump saying, “Imagine a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, POWs, who pits people against each other, instead of pulling us together. Someone with a very thin skin, who lashes out at anyone who challenges him, who praises adversaries like Vladimir Putin and picks fights with our allies and even insults the Pope.” Clinton concluded by asking everyone to vote on November 8th turn “turn Arizona blue.” A video from the event is below.

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News Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Arizona Republic