Vice President Joe Biden Campaigns in Florida


Vice President Joe Biden returned to Florida where he attended two campaign events on behalf of Hillary Clinton and local Democrats. At his first stop in Tampa, Biden spoke about the importance of electing Clinton president and electing Democrats such as Patrick Murphy to the Senate. Biden spoke about a number of issues that Clinton will focus on as president such as creating jobs and growing the economy. He also went after Donald Trump saying, “This guy doesn’t deserve to be president. On his sixth bankruptcy he stiffed more workers than you can count and then on national television in a debate said ‘maybe I didn’t like the quality of the work.’ Well, Trump, maybe I don’t like the quality of what you say.” He urged everyone to get out and vote on November 8th and to take advantage of early voting. A video of Biden’s speech is below.

Biden then spoke at a rally in Palm Beach Gardens where he characterized Florida as a must win for Clinton. He said, “Here we go again. Florida. It always comes down to Florida. … We get it done here, we can go home to bed early Tuesday.” Speaking on the campus of Palm Beach State College, Biden spoke about the rising cost of college education and Clinton’s plan to make college more affordable for students and ensure that they graduate debt-free. Biden went after Trump for his divisive comments and policies, and urged everyone to vote.  Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: ABC Action News, News Talk Florida, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post