President Obama Makes Case for Clinton in Florida


President Barack Obama campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton and local Democrats in Florida on Thursday. His first event was in Miami where he spoke to a crowd on the campus of Florida International University. While he spoke about the importance of the election and why Clinton is the right person for the job, Obama also touched on the state of politics and urged everyone to not get discouraged. “I know a lot of you are cynical about politics. There’s a lot about this election that gives you reason to be. But I’m here to tell you, right now, you have a chance to move history in a better direction. You have a chance to reject divisive politics and mean-spirited politics. If we win Florida, we will win this election.” He urged everyone to take advantage of early voting or get out and vote on Tuesday. A video of the president’s speech is below.

Obama then traveled to Jacksonville where he spoke about the importance of electing local Democrats to the Senate and House in addition to Clinton as president. Obama spoke about he dangers of electing Donald Trump president saying, “This is someone who would do damage to our democracy.” He said that Clinton has devoted her life to helping families and children and her plans will build on the progress the country has made during his administration. He praised Clinton’s experience and leadership saying, “She will be smart and steady. What’s at stake in this election is the character of the nation.” He concluded the event by encouraging everyone to have a voice in this election and vote. A video from the event is below.

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News Source: Sun Sentinel, The Florida Times-Union