Vice President Biden Campaigns in Madison


On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Madison, Wisconsin. During his speech, Biden explained the importance of electing Hillary Clinton as president and down ballot Democrats into office such as U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold. Biden spoke about Clinton’s platform including her plans to create jobs by investing in infrastructure and American manufacturing. He said that none of that will happen if we do not elect Democrats to the House and Senate. Biden also criticized Donald Trump for his divisive tone and how his slogan implies that America is not a great country. “It makes me so damn angry. Folks. You’re incredible. When I hear the best days of America are already behind us it makes realize how fundamental this divide is,” he said. Biden concluded by asking voters to support Clinton and Feingold on Tuesday. A video of the vice president’s speech is below.

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News Source: Wisconsin State Journal, WISN