Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Lansing


Bill Clinton returned to Michigan on Sunday where he began the day by speaking during Sunday morning church services at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and Grace Emmanuel in Flint. During the service, Bill spoke about Hillary Clinton’s dedication to helping the middle class and her respect for the diversity of America. He asked everyone to vote so their voice his heard adding, “We have to decide if we’re stronger together or if it’s better to spend all of our time tearing each other down.”

Bill then spoke at a get out the vote rally in Lansing. At a local union hall, Clinton spoke about the importance of the election and stressed Hillary’s platform points such as her plans to create jobs, grow the economy, and support labor unions. He said that Hillary is the only candidate qualified to ensure that the progress the country has made continues. “There’s a lot of road rage out there because after the financial crisis, it took a long time before incomes started going up again. We are finally seeing incomes start to rise,” he said. He urged everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday and to vote for a future of unity and progress. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: The Detroit News, Michigan Live, Detroit Free Press, Michigan Live