Senator Sanders Campaigns for Hillary in the West


Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday. Speaking at Central High School, Sanders spoke about the future of the United States and why Clinton is the better choice for that future. He outlined a number of Clinton’s platform points such as raising the minimum wage, overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, and combating climate change. He contrasted Clinton’s plans with proposals made by Donald Trump saying there was no contest. He urged everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday saying, “What we have to talk about is that in two days, there will be the most consequential election in the modern history of the United States. And my hope is that all of you will do everything possible in the next two days — not only voting, bringing out your friends and your relatives and your co-workers — to make sure that Donald Trump is not elected president.” A video of his speech is below.

Sanders then spoke at a get out the vote rally on the campus of College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne Campus in Las Vegas. Sanders spoke about the progressive Democratic Party platform and Clinton’s dedication to enact campaign finance reform, reforming the criminal justice system, raising the minimum wage, and making college more affordable. Sanders has had a hand in several of Clinton’s platform points, including her college affordability plan. Sanders also criticized Trump for for his divisive comments about women, immigrants, and Muslims. He urged everyone to consider the country’s future and get out and vote on Tuesday. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: ABC 15, The Arizona Republic, Las Vegas Review Journal