Al Gore Campaigns for Hillary in Colorado


Al Gore returned to the campaign trail on Monday. He campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton at events in Boulder and Lakewood, Colorado. Gore spoke about the importance of the election and its potential impact on the climate. He said that Clinton is the only candidate that admits climate change is real and offers a viable plan to combat its affects. “This election in particular is a climate election. You don’t have to go very far from downtown Boulder to answer the question of, ‘must we change?'” Gore then spoke about the importance of voting and encouraged everyone to get out tomorrow adding, “The outcome of this election is going to be up to you. Take it from me — every vote counts. (This election) is not just between two people with two different personalities, two different styles and approaches; it’s between two different governing policies. When all of the shouting dies down, that’s when the real decisions take place. This election means the world. Clinton understands that we must change. She understands that the international process requires a president that’s willing to stand up. The other candidate says he’s opposed to all of those things. To me, it seems it’s an extremely clear choice. We can do it. Let’s elect Hillary Clinton.” A video of his speech in Boulder is below.

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News Source: The Denver Post