Vice President Biden Campaigns in Florida on Eve of Election


On the eve of the election, Vice President Joe Biden returned to Florida where he spoke on the campus of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee. After being introduced by his wife, Jill, Biden spoke about the importance of voting before the end of the day tomorrow. He urged everyone to consider the future the country and the visions being outlined by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Biden said that Clinton offers a platform that is far more optimistic and inclusive. He said that her plans are geared toward helping everyone and not just those at the top. Biden urged everyone to reject the divisive policies of Trump and vote for Clinton tomorrow. A video from the event is below.

Biden held his last solo campaign event for Clinton in St. Petersburg. During the event, Biden spoke about the vision Trump has for America and asked the audience to imagine living in that future. “We don’t have to make anything up; we just have to say what they want to push,” he said adding that it is doubtful that a Trump administration would continue Pell grants for college, repealing the Affordable Care Act would leave at least 20 million Americans without coverage, and his economic plans would ensure that those at the top prosper at the expense of the middle class. Biden then presented Clinton’s optimistic vision of the future before asking everyone to vote tomorrow. A video from the event is below.

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News Source: Florida Flambeau, Tampa Bay Times, SaintPetersBlog