Final Review: Hillary Clinton’s Comprehensive Platform


Before the majority of Americans head to the polls on Tuesday, the campaign has heated up in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Clinton has outlined a comprehensive platform while what has been offered by Trump little substance and foundation. Clinton’s platform is built on a career of public service and an understanding of domestic and foreign policies. While everyone may not agree with all of platform points, taken as a whole it is clear that she has put together a solid plan to more the country forward and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to live up to their full potential.

When Clinton has introduced a major platform topic, we add it to the Platform category of the website. Looking through Clinton’s speeches and policy proposals, a clear plan emerges. From Clinton’s kickoff rally in June 2015 to the announcement of her plan to combat bullying just a few weeks ago, a list of Clinton’s platform speech topics and announcement dates are below:

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Hillary Clinton on Space and STEM


While a lot has been published about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s platform plans for foreign and domestic policies, most outlets have ignored thier stance on science, STEM, and space exploration. Clinton has outlined proposals to combat climate change and increase research for certain diseases, but a number of prominent science and space publications have asked the candidates for their thoughts on science and space exploration. If you consider STEM education, science, and space exploration to be important factors in your decision for whom to vote, which you should, check out the publications below for a better understanding of the positions of Clinton and Trump.

  • The Planetary Society – The Planetary Society is a non-profit group that specializes in space policy. They help fund missions and inform members of Congress on issues related to space. The group has assembled the key positions on space offered by Clinton and Trump.
  • Planetary Radio – Part of The Planetary Society, Planetary Radio’s most recent episode of its Space Policy Edition outlines the stances of Clinton and Trump. Listen to the episode on iTunes or click HERE to download the MP3.
  • Science News – As the official magazine for the Society for Science & the Public, the editorial board released a breakdown of where the candidates stand on specific science policies including space exploration, genetic research, climate change, health, vaccines, gun violence, and STEM education. The articles uses quotes and policy proposals from each candidate and the full break down can be read HERE.
  • Scientific American – As one of the most popular science magazines in the country, Scientific American is a great resource for the latest in the realm of scientific research. Readers of the magazines voted on the 20 top questions they wanted to ask each presidential candidate, and all four candidates responded. A number of topics are covered including innovation, research, climate change, the internet and technology, education, nuclear power, and access to clean water. Read the full answers from each candidate HERE.
  • Ars Technica – As a site about science and technology, Ars Technica writer John Timmer offered his point-of-view on the proposals of Clinton and Trump. Read his full article HERE.
  • ReCode – The tech site run by tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, ReCode is an advocate for STEM education. In an article published on November 5, Luther Lowe outlined Clinton’s dedication to STEM and education from her time as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. Read Lowe’s full article HERE.

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News Source: Recode, Planetary Radio, The Planetary Society, Science News, Ars Technica, Hillary for America, Scientific American

Hillary Clinton Announces Major Anti-Bullying Policy


Today, Hillary Clinton announced a major new plan to help children, families and educators confront the challenge of bullying and heal divisions in communities around the country. The initiative, Better Than Bullying, would provide $500 million in new funding to states that develop comprehensive anti-bullying plans, empowering communities to improve school climates and support our kids. Clinton believes that no child should face bullying or harassment, and she believes we all have a responsibility to our kids to find solutions to these challenges, to prioritize them and to implement them.

Hillary Clinton addressed the new plan during a rally today in North Carolina, saying:

“We all know that bullying is a real problem in our classrooms our playgrounds and online – and teachers have reported that this election has made it worse.  I want you to know, we’re going to launch a major new effort to help states and communities and schools and families end bullying wherever it takes place…  I can’t think of anything more important than making sure every single one of our children knows that they are loved just as they are. So ultimately, my friends, as Michelle reminds us, this election is about our kids – and in my case, my grandkids. Their lives and their futures, nothing is more important to me than that. I’ve been fighting for kids throughout my career. I will fight for them every single day of my Presidency.”

More About Better Than Bullying:

The federal government will provide flexible grants to states to tailor anti-bullying plans to their local communities, in keeping with the following national priorities:

  • Developing comprehensive anti-bullying laws and policies that explicitly prohibit bullying on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.
  • Making the Internet a safer space for kids by addressing cyberbullying.
  • Supporting educators working to improve school climate.
  • Providing support for students impacted by bullying and abuse.
  • Expanding behavioral health programming — teaching young people to control their impulses, recognize the feelings of others, and manage stress and anxiety.

Read the Better Than Bullying Fact Sheet here.

Hillary for America also released a new television ad, “Bryce,” that tells the story of a young man with muscular dystrophy who has overcome bullying. Throughout the campaign, Clinton has talked about the need for more love and kindness in our culture, and she’s recognized that bullying is an urgent crisis that contributes to poor academic performance, increased incidence of depression, and in some extreme cases, suicide.

Hillary for America hosted a press call this morning to discuss the new policy and the dangerous effect of bullying that leaders are seeing through the country. Following the call, supportive statements rolled in from leaders in the education policy and civil rights communities:

Ann McQuade, a New Hampshire educator who teaches english to refugee and immigrant students from more than 30 countries: “We’re seeing a terrible trickle-down effect from the Trump effect into our public schools. And since Donald Trump officially became the republican nominee for president, many of my refugee and immigrant students have come to me to ask questions that revolve around, ‘What if?’ These honest conversations have been sobering and sad… These beautiful, hopeful kids, they come to this country to find a better life and we say to them: ‘Welcome to America,’ and then they watch television and are exposed to angry social media that sends a different message.”

Tony Coelho, former Congressman and architect of the Americans with Disabilities Act: “One of the things we are most concerned about in the disability community is getting rid of the stigma that has existed for years and years. We were making tremendous progress when it comes to that. My really strong belief is that Donald Trump has brought hate back… When you have a candidate who is a nominee for president of one of our legitimate parties who is openly mocking, openly stigmatizing those of us with disabilities, that is a huge setback. We, in our community, really appreciate what Hillary is trying to do to take it the other way and get back to the progress that we were making… She has been with us all these years, and now she is coming in on a major issue and defending us again.”

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers: “This election cycle—with candidates like Donald Trump using the currency of hate, fear and marginalization—has made combating bullying a more urgent issue. Trump is a bully’s bully, and the consequences of his actions will last far beyond Nov. 8. Hillary Clinton gets this, and her ‘Better than Bullying’ plan demonstrates her understanding of the need for comprehensive and long-term solutions. ‘Better than Bullying’ will give states the incentive to develop comprehensive anti-bullying plans, and it will provide parents, educators, school staff and communities with the resources and skills they need to prevent bullying and to support those who experience bullying… We appreciate that Hillary Clinton understands the importance of tackling bullying, and we look forward to partnering with the next president of the United States on an even more comprehensive approach to addressing bullying and other school climate issues.”

Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association: “Like our educators, Hillary Clinton understands that kindness, collaboration and cooperation are important in school and in life. The rise in vitriolic speech in classrooms and the anxiety created by Donald Trump illustrate that students need this support now more than ever. Educators are proud to have a partner in policies that help our children and look forward to working with Secretary Clinton to implement these proposals as president.”

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign: “As Donald Trump’s rhetoric continues to foment violence and encourage division among Americans of all ages, Hillary Clinton is bringing real solutions to fight the bullying and abuse that so many LGBTQ youth face on a daily basis. We know from our own research and work in schools that growing up LGBTQ in America today is not easy. Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive anti-bullying plan is a crucial and welcome step toward improving the lives of our youngest, most vulnerable Americans.”

Deb Delisle, executive director and CEO of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: “Secretary Clinton’s proposal to take on bullying in schools couldn’t have come at a better time. Educators have long known that in order for kids to succeed, we must focus on the whole child, which starts with a safe and supportive learning environment. Our kids are counting on adults and especially our elected officials to make this a priority and to lead by example. Bullying has no place at school, in the workplace, or in politics.”

Pamela Cantor, M.D., president and CEO of Turnaround for Children: “Children will struggle to learn if they feel fear in their classrooms, lunch rooms and hallways. Bullying is a source of trauma and trauma sets off a stress response that impacts the learning centers of the developing brain, interfering with attention, working memory and organization. All children need to attend schools where they feel physically and emotionally safe in order to engage in learning. It is critically important to have national leadership on this issue so that many more children can succeed in school.”

Alice Johnson Cain, executive vice president of policy and partnerships for Teach Plus: “Children watch and learn from the adults in their lives every day. When the bar for what is acceptable behavior in political discourse is lowered — as Donald Trump has lowered it throughout the campaign — there is a ripple effect that has reached into our schools and classrooms. I applaud Secretary Clinton for, once again, stepping up to help kids. These smart and concrete steps, taken in partnership with educators, will make a tremendous difference in addressing this growing problem.”

Joan Lombardi, PhD, international expert on child development and social policy: “Stopping bullying before it starts is not only the right thing to do, but a smart thing to do to promote important  social skills among children.”

Kelsey Louie, CEO of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis: “The hateful rhetoric about the LGBT community heard on the campaign trail has been both horrifying and inexcusable. There can be no question that LGBT kids face a much higher risk of bullying, harassment and other forms of violence. And it is not just the LGBT community that has been targeted. Silence in the face of hatred, racism and homophobia is dangerous since it only foments bullying, harassment and violence. We at GMHC support this and all efforts to end the silence and combat bullying in order to advance our nation’s promise of equality for all.”

Michael Yudin, former Assistant Secretary of Special Education: “We must do everything we can to make sure all of our children have the opportunity to grow up free of fear, violence, and bullying. Bullying of children in our schools or on the internet cannot be tolerated, and Secretary Clinton’s comprehensive anti-bullying plan will empower States and local communities to make sure all of our children have the opportunity to learn and thrive.”

National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools: “We’re glad @HillaryClinton’s anti-bullying plan aligns w/our guidelines for positive learning environments for all!

Erica L Smegielski, Gun Violence Prevention Advocate: “.@HillaryClinton takes cyberbullying seriously! Having lived with these attacks for years, I thank you for standing up to this serious issue”

Morgan Polikoff, associate professor of K-12 policy, USC Rossier School of Education: “I think there are some really excellent ideas in Hillary’s new anti-bullying plan.”

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News Source: The Briefing

Hillary’s Plan: Debt and Entitlements


Clinton Will Fight For Medicare & Social Security, Pay For Her Plans; Trump Will Risk These Programs & Add Trillions To Debt

Tonight, voters will hear from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on six topics of national importance: debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, the Supreme Court, foreign policy, and the fitness of the candidates to serve as president.

Clinton has stood up for Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid her entire career, and she will not stop now.  She will ensure the wealthy, Wall Street, and big corporations pay their fair share, invest in middle-class families, and defend and expand Medicare and Social Security.  Furthermore, her new plans are paid for, so they will not add to the national debt.

Conversely, Trump’s plans will add $21 trillion to the national debt over 20 years and give reckless tax cuts to the wealthy instead of investing in Medicare and Social Security for generations to come.


Hillary’s vision on fiscal matters is clear. As she has said before, “We know what sound fiscal policy looks like and it sure isn’t running up massive debts to pay for giveaways to the rich. And it is not painful austerity that hurts working families and undercuts our long-term progress. It’s being strong, stable, and making smart investments in our future. So let’s set the right priorities and pay for them, so we can hand our children a healthier economy and a better future.”

Hillary has put forward credible plans to pay for her proposals without adding to the national debt.  As president, Hillary will:

  • Continue to put forth plans that add up, are paid for, and will not add to the national debt. As the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said recently, “We are encouraged that Clinton continues to largely pay for her new spending…”
  • Restore fairness to the tax code and make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. The independent, non-partisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center found that around 2/3rds of the revenue from Hillary’s tax plan came from the top 0.1%, earning more than $3.7 million per year.
  • NYT: “Mrs. Clinton would substantially raise taxes on high-income taxpayers, mostly on the top 1 percent; … reduce taxes on average for middle- and low-income households; and overhaul corporate taxes. Her plan would increase federal revenue $1.4 trillion over the first decade….Mrs. Clinton would use the money to pay for education and other initiatives.”
  • Hillary has a responsible, progressive fiscal vision. Progressive policies such as investing in growth and the middle class, and asking the wealthy to pay their fair share – not trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy, have been successful. For example, President Bill Clinton took a $300 billion deficit in the year before he took office and turned it into a $200 billion surplus.

Hillary believes seniors have paid into Social Security for a lifetime, and they’ve earned these benefits when they retire. Social Security isn’t just a program—it’s a promise.  As president, Hillary will:

  • Defend Social Security against Republican attacks and attempts to privatize the program – and refuse to embrace proposals to raise the retirement age or reduce cost-of-living adjustments
  • Expand Social Security for those who need it most and who are treated unfairly by the current system—including women who are widows and those who took significant time out of the paid workforce to take care of their children, aging parents, or ailing family members.
  • Preserve Social Security for decades to come by asking the wealthiest to contribute more.

Hillary believes Medicare and Medicaid are the bedrock of health care coverage for more than 50 million Americans, from seniors to people with disabilities.  As president, Hillary will:

  • Fight to preserve Medicare benefits for Americans – and stand strongly against Republican attempts to “phase out” or privatize Medicare.
  • Require drug manufacturers to provide rebates for low-income Medicare enrollees that are equivalent to rebates in the Medicaid program through her prescription drug plan.
  • Reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors by allowing Medicare to use its leverage with more than 40 million enrollees to negotiate drug and biologic prices.
  • Tackle rising medical costs by expanding value-based delivery system reform in Medicare.
  • Help protect consumers from unjustified price hikes for long-available drugs.
  • Ensure we expand Medicaid in the states where Republican governors and legislatures have refused to do so.

Donald Trump may have abused the tax system to avoid paying taxes into Social Security and Medicare – Hillary Clinton would help end this practice. Based on what we do know about Donald Trump’s tax returns, independent experts at the Tax Policy Center believe that Trump may have avoided paying his fair share in taxes into Social Security and Medicare by abusively taking advantage of the so-called “Gingrich-Edwards” loophole. This loophole allows some high-income business people to funnel their wages through a business.  While the law still requires these business owners to pay payroll taxes on a reasonable portion of compensation, Trump may have flouted this legal requirement and avoided paying his fair share in payroll taxes that support programs like Social Security and Medicare. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton embraced a proposal from President Obama’s budget that would end such abuses and crack down on tax gaming by high-income individuals through shifting business income, including addressing the so-called “Gingrich-Edwards” loophole.

Donald Trump’s tax plan would increase the debt by $21 trillion over 20 years to give tax cuts to the rich, and he has recklessly considered defaulting on the national debt.

  • Trump infamously called himself the “king of debt” and has proposed a tax plan that would increase our national debt by 21 trillion over 20 years – with more than half of the benefits going to the top 1%.
  • Trump displayed his willingness to play Russian roulette with the full faith and credit of the U.S., suggesting recently that “you could make the case” for defaulting on the debt, or maybe we could just “make a deal.” Defaulting on our debt would undermine more than 200 years of confidence in the American economy, and could cause a global financial crisis.

Paying for Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the rich could require cutting Medicare and Social Security by trillions:

  • As an analysis by CAP Action explains, “Trump says his agenda ‘will be completely paid-for,’ but paying for his tax plan would require cutting federal spending by an average of approximately 13.5 percent. In the next 10 years, an across-the-board cut of 13.5 percent would mean cutting Social Security by $1.7 trillion and cutting Medicare by $1.1 trillion.”

Trump is willing to jeopardize Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which he once called a Ponzi scheme.

Trump’s plan to block grant Medicaid could cause millions of low-income adults and people with disabilities to lose or see lower benefits.

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Hillary’s Plan: Foreign Policy


Hillary Clinton’s Strong, Steady Approach to Global Challenges vs. Trump’s Dangerously Unserious Approach

The fifth topic on deck for this evening’s debate will address global challenges. Hillary Clinton’s steady leadership has made America stronger and safer on the world stage. As First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, she has worked tirelessly to keep Americans safe and stay true to our values.  Conversely, Donald Trump’s dangerous national security proposals, lack of understanding of geopolitical realities, and reckless foreign policy rhetoric have been apparent throughout the campaign.


Hillary Clinton has laid out a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS and keep Americans safe at home.  She understands that it’s not enough just to take out specific groups or leaders – we must have a comprehensive strategy to win the long game against the global terrorist network and its ideology. Former military leaders and top national security officials agree: Hillary is the right choice.

As president, Hillary will:

  • Protect our homeland, including by surging our intelligence to ensure law enforcement has the information they need to detect and disrupt plots.
  • Work with Silicon Valley to shut down terrorist propaganda and disrupt their recruitment efforts online.
  • Keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists.
  • Work with our allies to dismantle the global network that supplies money, arms, propaganda and fighters to the terrorists.
  • Choke off the networks that facilitate their growth and expansion.
  • Focus on eliminating the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
  • Take out ISIS’s strongholds in the Middle East by intensifying the coalition air campaign, supporting our partners on the ground, and pursuing diplomacy to end Syria’s civil war and close Iraq’s sectarian divide, because those conflicts are keeping ISIS alive.
  • Stand with our allies, rather than abandoning them.

Despite Trump’s claims that he has a “secret” plan to defeat ISIS, he has no real plan at all. And his rhetoric is dangerously playing into terrorists’ hands.

As president, Trump will:

Engage in torture in the fight against ISIS and kill the families of terrorists.

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Hillary’s Plan: The Economy


Under Clinton, Economy is “Stronger Together.”  Under Trump, Economy is “Billionaires First.”

Hillary Clinton believes our economy is stronger when we grow together. She’s put forward a comprehensive agenda to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top — fighting for the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II, debt-free college, profit-sharing, tax fairness, and family-friendly policies like paid leave. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has put forward an agenda that showers billionaires and millionaires like himself with trillions in tax breaks and new loopholes, recklessly exploding the deficit while actually raising taxes on millions of middle-class families.

When John McCain’s former economic advisor studied the two plans, he actually calculated that under Hillary’s plans the economy would create 10.4 million jobs in her first term alone—while Trump’s plans would result in a “lengthy recession” and a loss of 3.4 million jobs.


*Trump has outsourced his products to at least 12 countries and routinely picks Chinese steel over U.S. manufacturers.

Hillary Clinton believes we need to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.  As president, Clinton will:

Trump’s reckless agenda would shower billionaires and millionaires like himself with trillions in tax breaks and new loopholes, recklessly exploding the deficit while actually raising taxes on millions of middle-class families. Trump will:

  • Enact a massive backdoor tax cut for billionaires and millionaires like himself, also known as “The Trump Loophole.”
  • Widen the “carried interest” loophole by slashing tax rates on partnerships, including hedge funds and private equity firms.
  • Get rid of the Wall Street reforms enacted after the recent crash, removing protections for consumers.
  • Eliminate the estate tax, resulting in a $4 billion tax cut for his family alone — while giving 99.8% of Americans nothing.
  • Actually raising taxes on millions of middle-class families.

Run up the national debt by nearly $21 trillion over 20 years.

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Hillary’s Plan: Immigration


Clinton Will Fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Trump Will Deport 16 Million People

In her first 100 days, Hillary Clinton will put forward a comprehensive immigration reform proposal that includes a pathway to full and equal citizenship. While Clinton will fight to strengthen families, our economy and our country through immigration reform, Donald Trump’s immigration plan remains the same as it’s always been: build a wall, tear apart families and send a “deportation force” into American communities to forcibly remove 16 million people from the United States.


*This will not happen.

Hillary will work to fix our broken immigration system and stay true to our fundamental American values. She has long been a supporter of comprehensive immigration reform. As Senator, Hillary cosponsored Senator Ted Kennedy’s 2004 bill and voted for comprehensive immigration reform bills in 2006 and 2007.

As president, Hillary will:

Donald Trump’s entire campaign has demonized immigrants. Since calling Mexicans “rapists” and “criminals” and, since then, his rhetoric and dangerous immigration policies have only escalated. Trump’s immigration plan would tear apart families and contribute to the loss of  nearly 3.5 million jobs in his first term.

As president, Trump has planned to:

Trump’s plan would cripple the American economy:

  • $4.7 trillion: Amount a policy of mass deportation would reduce cumulative GDP over 10 years.
  • $66 billion: Potential loss to U.S. economy under Trump’s “muslim ban” each year.

Nearly 3.5 million jobs: According to Moody’s, Trump’s immigration policies would contribute to the loss of nearly 3.5 million jobs in his first term.

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Hillary’s Plan: Supreme Court Justices


Clinton Will Appoint Supreme Court Justices Who Affirm Our Rights, While Trump’s Justices Will Roll Rights Back

The fourth topic for tonight’s debate is the Supreme Court. America’s next president could nominate multiple Supreme Court justices and the stakes could not be higher. Appointments made in the next four years could determine the makeup of the Court for decades to come. Hillary Clinton will appoint justices who will affirm the dignity and equality of all Americans. In contrast, Donald Trump will appoint justices who will roll back hard-fought rights.


*Considering Trump has been involved in more than 4,000 lawsuits, he should know this is not how the justice system works.

Hillary Clinton will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will protect the constitutional principles of liberty and equality for all, and make sure Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land and women retain the right to make their own deeply personal healthcare decisions. Hillary will make sure the scales of justice aren’t tipped away from individuals toward corporations and special interests. And she will protect citizens’ right to vote, rather than billionaires’ right to buy elections.

Donald Trump has demonstrated his desire to appoint justices who would roll back rights Americans have fought for over decades. As president, Trump will:

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Hillary Clinton Announces New Middle Class Tax Cut


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton announced a new plan that will expand tax relief to families with young children. The plan is outlined in the following release from Hillary for America:

As part of her plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, Hillary Clinton is announcing today a new expansion of the Child Tax Credit for families with young children. She will double the Child Tax Credit to a maximum of $2,000 per child up to and including age 4, and she’ll expand access to millions more families. As many as 15 million young children will be eligible for the credit of up to $2,000 – and millions more people will benefit from additional relief. And this is only a down payment on further relief for middle-class families.

“Hard-working, middle-class families are struggling with rising costs for child care, health care, caregiving and college,” said Clinton. “This new tax credit will make their lives a little bit easier and help restore fairness to our economy.”

Clinton has previously announced middle class tax relief in the form of an up-to-$5,000 credit for families with excessive out of pocket health costs, and up to $1,200 for families caring for parents and grandparents.

Specifically, Clinton is announcing today that she will:

  • Double the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 for each young child. Right now, the Child Tax Credit gives millions of families up to $1,000 per child each year to help cover all the burdens they face. Clinton will double the maximum credit to $2,000 for each young child up to and including age 4.
  • Expand Child Tax Credit refundability so millions more working families get additional relief. Under our current system millions of families do not qualify for the full credit or get very little benefit because they simply do not make enough money, since the tax code excludes the first $3,000 in earnings in determining whether a working family is eligible for refundable relief. Clinton will lower the threshold for refundability from $3,000 to the first dollar of earnings for families with children of all ages, so every working family can benefit. And she will increase the phase-in rate to 45% from 15% for families with young children. According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute, the credit is structured so that families at the low end of the income distribution do not receive the full credit, and those families that are left out are more likely to be African-American and Latino. Improving refundability and increasing the phase-in rate will help close this gap and increase the overall fairness in the system.
  • Provide further tax relief for middle-class families, including those without children, and with older children: Clinton believes we should go further than doubling the Child Tax Credit for young children. The expansion Clinton is calling for today is a down payment on her overall vision for tax relief for middle-class families. Clinton believes we should further expand the Child Tax Credit for families with older children, and expand refundable relief for low-income workers without children.

Clinton’s plan will be fully paid for by her proposals to ensure the wealthy, Wall Street, and big corporations pay their fair share. And like the current Child Tax Credit, it will phase out for higher-income families.

Refundable tax credits like the Child Tax Credit reward work, lift families out of poverty, and improve lifelong outcomes for kids. Studies have shown that the Child Tax Credit helps lift millions of Americans out of poverty each year. Not only does the Child Tax Credit help fight poverty for families in the year that they qualify for the tax cut, its effects can be seen for many years later. Parents in families that receive refundable credits like the Child Tax Credit are more likely to be in the labor force and contribute to the economy. Children in those families do better in school, are more likely to go to college and earn more when they become adults.

Clinton’s proposals to expand relief for hard-working families with children stand in strong contrast to Donald Trump’s plans. Because Trump’s child care and maternity leave plan gives far more to high-income families than middle-class families struggling with costs, and his tax plan rolls back dependent exemptions and other relief for parents with children, it would actually raise taxes on 8 million middle-class families to fund his tax cuts for the rich and multinational corporations, and $4 billion for his own family.

Specifically, hard-working families that get tax relief under Clinton’s plan would see tax increases, or a much smaller tax cut, under Trump:

  • A single parent earning $75,000 per year, with two young children, and $8,000 in childcare costs would see a $1,640 tax increase under Trump, and $2,000 in tax relief under Clinton’s plan. A recent academic analysis found that compared to current law, Trump’s plan would raise taxes on this family by $1,640, because it eliminates personal exemptions and the head-of-household filing status. Clinton’s expansion of the Child Tax Credit would give them an extra $2,000 in tax relief.

According to the same analysis, a married couple earning $50,000 per year, with two young children, and $8,000 in childcare costs would get a $93 tax cut under Trump’s plan, and $2,000 in tax relief under Clinton’s plan.

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News Source: The Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for An Economy Where Our Businesses, Our Workers, and Our Consumers Grow and Prosper Together


On Monday, Hillary Clinton and Hillary for America announced a plan that will ensure that businesses, workers, and consumers can all grow and prosper together. This would be a stark contrast from today’s economy in which one typically suffers at the expense of the others. HFA released details of her plan which are outlined below. The full plan can be read on The Briefing.

Hillary Clinton believes we need to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. But today, there are still powerful interests fighting to protect their own profits and privileges at the expense of everyone else. Too many of the rules and incentives in our economy encourage those at the top to abuse their power and take advantage of consumers, workers, small businesses, and taxpayers. That makes it tougher for even well-meaning CEOs to take the high road.

In recent months, we’ve seen three egregious examples of these problems. We saw a drug company, Mylan, excessively raise the price of lifesaving EpiPens without justification. We saw one of our country’s biggest banks, Wells Fargo, bully thousands of employees into committing fraud on unsuspecting customers. And now we’ve learned the latest on Donald Trump: In one year, he lost nearly a billion dollars; he stiffed small businesses, laid off workers, and walked away from hardworking communities; and he apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades—while tens of millions of working families paid theirs. That’s what he calls “smart” business.

Today, Clinton is offering her vision for an economy where our businesses, our workers, and our consumers grow and prosper together. She’s outlining a set of proposals to rewrite the rules so that more companies that do right by workers, small businesses, customers, and taxpayers.

Clinton will:

  1. Eliminate Tax Breaks that Allow Corporations and the Wealthy to Avoid Paying Their Fair Share
  1. Protect Consumers from Unfair and Deceptive Practices
  • Strengthen consumer financial protection, including by restricting practices that businesses like Wells Fargo have used to lock the consumers they’ve harmed out of court
  • Respond to unjustified price increases in long-standing, lifesaving drugs like EpiPens
  1. Promoting Free and Fair Competition and Stopping Big Businesses from Hurting Small Business
  • Crack down on big companies that repeatedly exploit their power to stiff small businesses – and give small businesses the power to respond
  • A new commitment to promote competition, address excessive concentration and the abuse of economic power, and strengthen antitrust laws and enforcement
  1. Rewrite the Rules So Workers Share in the Profits They Create

Full fact sheet available here.

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