Hillary Clinton Interviewed at Code Conference

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was interviewed at the Code Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. Clinton was interviewed at the annual event by veteran tech journalists, and Recode co-founders, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. During their conversation, Clinton discussed losing the 2016 election, which she took the blame for. She did also place part of the blame on a number of other factors including the alleged hacking of the DNC and John Podesta by Russia, the letter sent to Congress by FBI Director James Comey, and incorrect data provided by the DNC. Clinton was also critical of the Democratic Party’s digital strategy saying that the party needed to get better at outreach. When asked whether she would remain active in politics, Clinton said, “I’m not going anywhere. I have a big stake in what happened in this country. I am very unbowed and unbroken about what happened because I don’t want it to happen to anybody else.” The full video of Clinton’s interview is below.

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News Source: Recode, Politico, Fortune, CNBC


Senator Sanders Campaigns for Hillary in the Heartland


Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Iowa and Nebraska on Friday. His first events were in Davenport and Iowa City. During his speech at each event, Sanders stressed the importance of electing Democrats to ensure their progressive agenda become law. He spoke about Clinton’s plans to combat climate change, invest in clean energy, address campaign finance reform, reign in income inequality, and make college more affordable for students. Clinton’s college plan was developed with Sanders and he spoke about it in detail. He urged everyone to vote for Clinton and progressive platform saying, “The importance of this [platform] document is we are not going to let it sit on a shelf. We are going to incorporate those ideas into legislation to transform America. Iowa, thank you for making that possible.” Videos from the event in Iowa City are below.

In Cedar Rapids, Sanders spoke to a crowd of supporters on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa. He spoke about a number of Clinton’s platform points and the importance of electing progressives. He urged everyone to vote next Tuesday and encouraged the students to remain active in politics after the election saying, “But then the day after the election, after Hillary wins, I want you to pledge yourself to work as hard as you can with your friends and your co-workers to make this country what you and I know that we can become. Stand up for economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice. Let’s go forward and transform America.”

Sanders’ final event of the day was a rally in Omaha, Nebraska. Sanders maintained his progressive message talking about Clinton’s progressive platform and plans to raise the minimum wage and ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. Sanders said that electing Donald Trump would be a disaster, but he also said that the election is going to be close. “My own gut feel is it’s going to be a very, very close election,” he said. Sanders urged everyone to get out and vote next Tuesday. A video from the event will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: Our Quad Cities, Iowa City Press-Citizen, The Courier, Omaha World-Herald

Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan to Help Military Families


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton released her plan to assist military families. The plan unveiled today builds upon a previously introduced plan to build upon the Department of Veteran Affairs and ensure veterans receive proper support after they have left the military. The plan includes provision that will not only ensure that the members of our military are supported, but their spouses and children will as well. You can read the full details of the plan on The Briefing, and an outline of the plan is below:

  • Realign the Demands of a Military Career in Service to the Nation to Accommodate 21st Century Family Realities While Maintaining a Strong Force
  • Ensure that family leave policies meet the needs of our military families
  • Increase access to child care for all service members in the Active Duty and Reserve who need it
  • Let service members and their families take a knee
  • Create the ability to serve in different ways
  • Officially include life-cycle and family considerations in permanent moves
  • Back Military Spouses as they Pursue Education, Seek Jobs, Build Careers and Secure their Finances
  • Enhancing opportunities for military spouse employment and breaking down antiquated rules, such as onerous state credentialing, that lead to military spouse under-employment
  • Reforming the assignment process to better support dual-military couples
  • Standing side-by-side with families through transition out of the military
  • Enhance military families financial planning and protection
  • Creating flexibility around military moves
  • Ensure Military Children Receive a High-Quality Education and the Resources to Succeed
  • Keep Defense Department schools strong and focused
  • Elevate public schools with high number of military children
  • Preserve and protect the Post-9/11 GI Bill, making it a lasting part of the nation’s social contract for those who serve and their families
  • Enhance the Exceptional Family Member Experience
  • Bring Key Resources for Military Families in to the Information Age
  • Move resources into higher gear with on-line technology
  • Increase virtual access and information for families and surrounding communities
  • Champion efforts to care for our military members and families
  • Ensure continued focus on mental health for military members and families
  • Remain committed to extended leave policies
  • Continue to support Gold Star Families
  • Continue and Build on the Obama Administration’s Effort to Elevate Military Families in the White House and Across Government
  • Create a standing President’s Council on Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families
  • Establish “Joining Forces” as a permanent part of the Executive Office of the President
  • Direct senior White House and Department of Defense civilian and military leadership to conduct a series of town hall meetings to hear directly from service members and their families about their needs
  • Personally request and receive a thorough report and 12-month implementation plan on priority areas for improvement based on these town halls

Meanwhile, Clinton attended two fundraisers today. The first was in East Brunswick, New Jersey and included a conversation with Clinton and Senator Cory Booker. In New York City, Clinton attended an event at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. The event included a conversation with her, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and actress Julianna Margulies.

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News Source: The Briefing