Clinton Speaks at Annual BookExpo in NYC

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton appeared at the annual BookExpo event in New York City. Clinton was interviewed on stage by author Cheryl Strayed, and the two discussed a number of topics including the 2016 election and her upcoming book. The book, which will be published by Simon & Schuster this fall, is said to be inspired by a series of funny, meaningful, and inspirational quotes that Clinton has collected over the years. She said, “This book is, for me, a really personal, deep experience, and I also have to say an emotional catharsis.” Clinton spoke about how writing the book has helped her get through the last several months and inspired her to keep fighting. Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: America Booksellers Association, Publishers Weekly


Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia and Bridgeport on Sunday


Today, Hillary Clinton was in Pennsylvania and Connecticut where she met with church goers and potential voters in Tuesday’s primaries. She began in Philadelphia where she spoke at church services at Triumph Baptist Church and African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas. At both churches, Clinton spoke about her plans to seek criminal justice reform and fight the gun lobby by introducing stronger gun regulations. She said, “We as a people have to start showing each other more respect, more kindness more love.” She spoke briefly about the importance of the 2016 election and asked for the support of voters in Tuesday’s primary.

Clinton then traveled to Bridgeport, Connecticut, the largest city in the state. Speaking at the University of Bridgeport, she talked about continuing the progress of the administration of President Barack Obama. She then covered a number of platform topics including health care, gun control, raising the minimum wage, and reducing the cost of higher education. She believes that America’s best day are still ahead of it saying, “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure America’s best years are ahead of us. You should feel that your country has your back.” This evening, Clinton also attended a fundraiser in Stamford. Videos from today’s events will be posted when/if available.


Bill Clinton was in Baltimore, Maryland where he attended Sunday morning services at three local churches. At each, he spoke about Hillary’s platform and her plans to move America forward. Today, Bill also attended a fundraiser in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. The event was hosted by Barbara and Richard Schiffrin.

Other Hillary for America fundraisers were held across the country today. In Bry Mawr, Pennsylvania, a fundraiser was held featuring New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Washington, a fundraiser was hosted by John and Nancy Sabol, Daniel James Brown, Pam Eakes, and Jeanne Kohl-Welles. The event featured a conversation with Daniel James Brown, the author of The Boys in the Boat.

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Maya Angelou Tribute

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at a tribute to the late poet, author, and stage performer, Maya Angelou. The tribute featured a number of guest speakers and was held at The Riverside Church in Manhattan. Angelou passed away on May 28 at the age of 86. Clinton spoke about Angelou’s talents as a writer and performer. Other speakers at the tribute included Toni Morrison.

The video above is not complete and video of Clinton’s tribute will be posted when/if available.

Video Source: YouTube

News Source: The Huffington Post