Hillary Clinton Honored at Stephan Weiss Apple Awards

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was honored at the annual Stephen Weiss Apple Awards in New York City. She spoke briefly at the event thanking designer Donna Karen. Clinton’s speech was primarily focused on the award ceremony, but she did speak about the importance of continuing in the event of a setback. She said, “It’s easy to be grateful when things go your way, but when things don’t, how you find the resilience in the face of setbacks, how you call on the inner strength that you search for—how you stick with it, well gratitude is one of the ways you can make that happen. To have the gratitude and the inspiration that you need.” A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, Vogue


Clinton Speaks at Black Women’s Agenda Symposium


On Friday, Hillary Clinton addressed The Black Women’s Agenda Annual Symposium Workshop & Awards Luncheon in Washington, DC. Clinton spoke about being back on the campaign trail and recovering from her illness, but also spoke about a number of important policy points including criminal justice reform and creating new jobs. She spoke about her motto “Stronger Together” and how it is more than just a motto, but a path forward for the country. A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

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News Source: ABC News, Slate, Huffington Post

International Medical Corps’ 2013 Annual Awards Celebration

Friday, November 8, 2013

The YouTube videos above incorrectly list the name of the organization as “International Media Corps.” The organization is the International Medical Corps.

Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at the International Medical Corps’ 2013 Annual Awards Celebration in Los Angeles, California. She received an award from the organization. She graciously accepted the awarded and spoke about her work with the IMC, and the difference the organization has made around the world.

Video Source: YouTube

News Source: The Telegraph