Hillary Clinton Honored at Stephan Weiss Apple Awards

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was honored at the annual Stephen Weiss Apple Awards in New York City. She spoke briefly at the event thanking designer Donna Karen. Clinton’s speech was primarily focused on the award ceremony, but she did speak about the importance of continuing in the event of a setback. She said, “It’s easy to be grateful when things go your way, but when things don’t, how you find the resilience in the face of setbacks, how you call on the inner strength that you search for—how you stick with it, well gratitude is one of the ways you can make that happen. To have the gratitude and the inspiration that you need.” A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, Vogue


Statement From Hillary Clinton On California National Guard Scandal


Monday, Hillary Clinton released the following statement in response to the disturbing report from the Los Angeles Times that soldiers are being told to repay thousands in old enlistment bonuses:

“I am appalled that National Guard officials are attempting to recoup money from soldiers who accepted bonuses a decade ago – with the active encouragement of government officials and through no fault of their own – for bravely enlisting to serve our country during a time of war. These troops deserve our support and our deepest gratitude; they served admirably and upheld their part of the bargain. It is unacceptable to now subject them and their families to undue financial burdens thanks to to mismanagement from the California National Guard and rigid bureaucracy on the part of the Pentagon.

I am calling on Congress to swiftly pass legislation to right this wrong. In the meantime, we should assist these families in identifying and applying for relief as well establishing an expedited review process. We simply cannot allow this type of mistreatment of veterans, for any reason.”

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New Source: The Los Angeles Times

DNC Wrap-Up: Day 4


On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, everyone awaited the acceptance speech of Hillary Clinton. Clinton was introduced by Chelsea Clinton, then a short biographical video was shown. She then took the stage and spoke about her vision for the future. Her vision is one of growth and prosperity for the nation and all Americans. She offered a plan that is in stark contrast from the vision presented last week during the Republican National Convention. Clinton criticized Donald Trump’s characterization that he alone has all the answers and can solve all of America’s problems. She said, “Americans don’t say ‘I alone can fix it.’ We say, ‘we’ll fix it together.'”

Clinton’s speech was more personal in nature as she reintroduces herself to the American people. She spoke about her mother, daughter, and grandchildren and what has driven her throughout her career. The reason for her dedication is quite simple: public service. The DNC’s biography video and Clinton’s speech focused on her public service experience including many things that she has done without fanfare. Overall the speech was a more personal message than we typically hear from Clinton. She was filled with gratitude for her supporters, emotion, and energy for the long campaign ahead. Watch the DNC’s biography video and Clinton’s acceptance speech below.

The final night included a number of other key speeches including addresses from Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Women of the Senate, Representative Joaquin Castro, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Khizr Khan, General John Allen, Senator Sherrod Brown, and a musical performance by Katy Perry. Chelsea Clinton introduced Hillary with a personal speech full of stories form her childhood and how her mother has been there for her, and how she is always available for her grandchildren. A selection of videos from the night are below and a full collection of videos from the convention can be found on YouTube.

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