Hillary Clinton Give Commencement Address at Wellesley College

On Friday, Hillary Clinton delivered the annual commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College. Clinton last delivered the commencement address at the college twenty-five years ago, and she also spoke during her own graduation from the institution in 1969. She spoke about her time at Wellesley during her speech, and she also talked about the 2016 presidential campaign. She said, “You may have heard that things didn’t go exactly as I planned. But you know what, I’m doing OK.” Over the years, Clinton has been criticized for being ambitious. Perhaps overly ambitious. She offered some advice on that topic saying, “Don’t be afraid of your ambition, of your dreams or even your anger. Those are powerful forces, but harness them to make a difference in the world.” Watch a video of Clinton’s full speech below.

Flashback: Watch Clinton’s commencement addresses at Wellesley from 1992 and 1969 below.

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News Source: Politico, NPR, The Atlantic


Tim Kaine Campaigns in North Carolina


On Thursday, Tim Kaine continued his campaign tour of North Carolina with events in Charlotte and Durham. During the event in Charlotte, Kaine spoke about Hillary Clinton’s platform and plans to ensure that the economy works for everyone and not just those at the top. He also referred to last night’s presidential debate praising Clinton for her performance. Kaine criticized Donald Trump for refusing to accept the outcome of the election saying, “has a profound misunderstanding for the institutions of government. … He is trying to upset a tradition that’s been one of the notable features of American life.” Kaine added, “This is not a television show, this is not a reality show. This is about running a country. You gotta do better than that.” Following the event, he spoke with members of the press. A video of Kaine’s speech is Charlotte, as well as his press briefing, is below.

In Durham, Kaine spoke with supporters on the campus of North Carolina Central University. At the event, Kaine urged everyone to get out and vote on November 8th, and he spoke about the importance of the election. He said that he and Clinton are dedicated to to North Carolina, and they want to win the state. Kaine said, “If we can win North Carolina for Hillary Clinton we’re gonna win the whole thing. We’re gonna win the whole thing. I’m very good at elections. I’m 8-0. You can beat me in Scrabble, but not in elections. I’ll be 9-0 on Nov. 8.” A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: The Charlotte Observer, WNCN

Tim Kaine on Trump’s Most Recent Comment About Accepting Election Outcome


During a press availability in Charlotte, North Carolina, vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine made the following statement criticizing Trump for undermining a central pillar of American democracy:

“While I was speaking, Donald Trump gave a speech in Delaware, Ohio, and I might just read you the script: ‘I would like to promise a pledge to all of my voters and supporters, all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win.’ If I win. That is a direct quote from Donald Trump. Well obviously, Donald, that is not accepting the results. You’ve got to accept the results of this election, win or lose. That’s the pledge we made. Hillary stood on the stage in the first debate and said, ‘Of course I’m going to accept the results of the election.’ And that Donald Trump was unwilling to make that pledge, and still thinks he’s saying something positive by saying, ‘I’ll accept the results if I win’ shows he has a profound misunderstanding of the institutions of government and that he is trying to do something and upset a tradition that has been one of the most notable features of American democracy.”

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News Source: CNN

Hilary Clinton Endorsed by Two University Newspapers


Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton earned the endorsement of two university newspapers, but these were not just any university newspapers. The first was the editorial board of the Wellesley News, the paper of Clinton’s alma mater, Wellesley College. The second endorsement was from The Daily Pennsylvanian‘s board, the official paper of the University of Pennsylvania, or the alma mater of Republican Donald Trump. In a joint op-ed, the editorial boards summed up their endorsement of Clinton saying:

Throughout her career and her many years of public service, Clinton has exemplified the Wellesley motto, “Non Ministrari sed Ministrare,” or “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” She worked at the Children’s Defense Fund and has been a strong advocate for women’s rights throughout the world. Clinton served children and families through pro bono legal work, published several legal reviews and has pushed for health care reform throughout the decades. She served as a first lady, two-term senator in New York, and secretary of state. When looking at her professional and personal history, it is clear that Clinton not only upholds the values of Wellesley College, but redefines them.

Though Clinton embodies her alma mater’s institutional values, Trump does not. It is clear that Trump has failed to dignify the morals of his institution. Penn’s motto, “Leges sine moribus vanae,” translates as “Laws without morals [are] useless.” In evaluating Donald Trump through this context, the Opinion Board cannot say that his actions attest to his morals: He does not embody the spirit of the school.

Read the full editorial HERE.

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News Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

Hillary for America Releases ‘College Calculator’


On Monday, Hillary for America released a new “college calculator” that will show past students how Hillary Clinton’s plan will reduce what they owe, and the site also shows future students how they will benefit from proposed plan. A copy of the HFA release is below and be sure to check out the College Calculator.

Hillary for America released a ‘college calculator’ today for families and students to see how much they would save under her New College Compact, her debt-free college plan to ensure that cost is never a barrier for young people seeking to pursue their dreams of higher education and that debt won’t hold them back.

The calculator, also available in Spanish, will allow users to calculate how Clinton’s plan will provide relief from crushing debt as it allows all borrowers to refinance their student loans, and enroll in income-based repayment plans.

The calculator also will help families planning for college to determine the cost based on their annual household income, where they live, what type of college their student plans on attending, and understand when they can benefit from special programs in Hillary Clinton’s college plans. The special programs include those available for student-parents, veterans or those serving in active military duty, those who have served or are contemplating serving on AmeriCorps, and those students contemplating attending a Historically Black College or University, Hispanic Serving Institution or other Minority Serving Institution.

With too many families struggling with student debt, and tuition increasing by 40% over the last ten years at public college and universities, the situation has careened out of control. Hillary’s plan will help millions of Americans with their debt right now, and will make college debt-free for future generations. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has offered no solutions to make college more affordable, and his idea of higher education is Trump University – a fraudulent business that left hundreds of students in debt and without the skills they were promised they would obtain.

The college calculator helps students and families:

  • Calculate their total savings under Hillary Clinton’s college affordability plans for the remaining length of time left on their student loans with their remaining loan balance.
  • Understand how they can take advantage of her student loan refinancing plan in order to reduce their loan payments.
  • Understand how they can benefit from income-based repayment plans to bring down their monthly loan payments to something more manageable.
  • Understand the special savings available to those with student debt who choose to work in public service, become entrepreneurs or have served/decide to serve in AmeriCorps and highlights some of the steps that Hillary Clinton will take to protect and strengthen the educational benefits that veterans have earned through their service.
  • Understand how based on what state they live in, what school they are planning on attending and their household income, the savings and benefits available to them under Hillary Clinton’s college plans.
  • Understand the tuition savings they will get on a per-state basis and based on their household income if they choose to attend a 4-year in-state public university or a community college.
  • Identify when students may be eligible to take advantage of Pell grants to use towards college-related costs.
  • Take advantage of special debt-reduction benefits available to them if they choose to go to school out of state or attend a private university.

To access the calculator, go to www.hillaryclinton.com/calculator

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News Source: The Washington Post

Clinton Voices Support and Skepticism for Nuclear Agreement with Iran

This morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a highly anticipated speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. After being introduced by Brookings president Strobe Talbott, she voiced her support for the agreement between the United States and Iran, and took a strong stance on enforcement of the oversight introduced by the agreement and ensuring that Iran does not break the agreement. The key to ensuring safety in the region is limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities and ensuring oversight by the IAEA. Clinton’s primary focus was a continuing diplomatic approach to Iran, but she did not rule out a stronger response if Iran broke the agreement.

Clinton did not shy away from her skepticism of Iran and understands why many world leaders and politicians are skeptical as well. But a lot of work has gone in to getting Iran to the negotiating table and, while the agreement may not be perfect, it is a start. She addressed her success as Secretary of State of putting together a global sanctions package against Iran. As a result, many countries cut back its use of Iranian oil and cut off financial ties. This was successful because it was global, and the sanctions persuaded Iran to come to the negotiating table that ultimately led to this agreement.

Clinton admitted several times that the agreement isn’t perfect, and that continued work and strong enforcement are necessary to make it better over time. But it is better to have the oversight the agreement provides. It is up to the United States to ensure the deal is enforced by the global community. As president, she said that her strategy with Iran would be “distrust and verify,” and that if they cheated the deal, the United States and the world would respond swiftly and with strength.

She voiced her support for Israel and her understanding for the skepticism that has been voiced by Israeli leaders. As president, she would strongly support Israel, and ensuring the security of Israel is one of the primary pillars of Clinton’s foreign policy plan. She’s confident that Israel will be safer with this deal, and the oversight of Iran’s nuclear program, then without it.

Following her address, Clinton had a brief conversation with Martin Indyk, executive vice president of Brookings, in which she went in to more detail about the agreement and how to go about implementing it. The floor was then opened to the audience to ask questions. The full video from the event is above.

Source: The Guardian, Brookings