Clinton Slams Trump During Speech at Children’s Health Fund

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was honored by the Children’s Health Fund, and she addressed a gathering of the organization’s members and supporters. During her speech, Clinton criticized President Donald Trump for the budget his administration proposed this week. She said that “this administration and Republicans in Congress are mounting an onslaught against the needs of children and people with disabilities, women and seniors.” The Trump budget calls for cuts in a number of programs that benefit the poor and disabled including food stamps and Medicaid. Clinton urged everyone to stand up to the president and Congressional Republicans saying, “It hurts the well-being of children. It’s time to send a resounding message that we will not stand for this attack on the most vulnerable among us.” Watch a video of Clinton’s speech below.

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News Source: NBC 2


Clinton, Trump Clash on Policy at Final Debate


On Wednesday night, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off for their final debate before the election on November 8th. The debate was moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who did a pretty good job of keeping the candidates on topic. The topics covered at the debate included debt, entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, and “fitness to be president.” While each candidate took shots at each other, Clinton outlined a number of her proposals. Each candidate wrapped up the final debate with a one-minute closing statement. Clinton asked for America’s vote saying:

“Well, I would like to say to everyone watching tonight that I’m reaching out to all Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Because we need everybody to help make our country what it should be. To grow the economy, to make it fairer, to make it work for everyone. We need your talents, your skills, your commitment, your energy, your ambition. You know, I’ve been privileged to see the presidency up close and I know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for all of you. I have made the cause of children and families really my life’s work — that’s what my mission will be in the presidency. I will stand up for families against powerful interests, against corporations. I will do everything I can to make sure you have good jobs with rising incomes, that your kids have good educations from preschool through college. I hope you will give me a chance to serve as your president.”

While pundits will argue who won and who lost last night’s debate, what is important is who you feel will best represent you. This political cycle has become more about personality and less about the issues at stake. Both candidates have outlined a series of policies they believe are important to them and that says a lot about their beliefs. What is key is that on November 8, you have a choice. You have a voice at the ballot box and make sure it is heard. Vote.

Watch a video replay of the debate below. And more importantly, VOTE on November 8th.

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Bill Clinton Campaigns in Michigan


On Monday, Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Michigan. His first event was in Saginaw where he spoke about Hillary’s plans in detail saying, “We need a change to broadly shared prosperity. You have to have plans to do that.” Bill contrasted the plans of Hillary with those of Donald Trump saying that what we need a country are answers and not anger, empowerment over resentment, and bridges instead of walls. He argued that Hillary was the best and only candidate offering all three. A video from the event is below.

Bill then traveled to Flint where he spoke about inequality and unity. He said that Hillary is about more than just jobs and that her “Stronger Together” is more than a motto, it is a framework for the country. Bill detailed a number of Hillary’s platform points including her plans to create jobs, invest in the country’s infrastructure and clean energy, improve health care by expanding Medicare and Medicaid, and making college more affordable. He made it clear that Hillary is “the only person who’s got a clear, affordable, achievable economic strategy.” A video from his speech in Flint is below.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, Belgium, a fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America for American citizens living in the area. The event featured a conversation with Stephen Rapp, Former United States Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice.

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Clinton Unveils Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health (Updated)


Hillary Clinton announced her comprehensive plan to better treat people living with a mental illness. The current mental health treatment policies have been criticized for not properly treating patients. Highlights of Clinton’s plan include the expansion of early intervention programs, a national suicide prevention initiative, increased training for police in dealing with the mentally ill, providing mental health care for those who commit non-violent crimes, expanding employment opportunities, and increasing investments in research for the brain and behavioral research. An outline of the plan is below, and the full plan can be read on The Briefing.

  1. Early Diagnosis and Intervention
    • Increase public awareness and take action to address maternal depression, infant mental health, and trauma and stress in the lives of young children
    • Scale up efforts to help pediatric practices and schools support children facing behavioral problems
    • Help providers share information and best practices
    • Ensure that college students have access to mental health services
  2. Federal Support for Suicide Prevention
    • Create a national initiative around suicide prevention across the lifespan that is headed by the Surgeon General
    • Encourage evidence-based suicide prevention and mental health programs in high schools
    • Provide federal support for suicide prevention on college campuses
    • Partner with colleges and researchers to ensure that students of color and LGBT students are receiving adequate mental health coverage
  3. Integrate our Healthcare Systems and Expand Community-Based Treatment
    • Foster integration between the medical and behavioral health care systems (including mental health and addiction services), so that high-quality treatment for behavioral health is widely available in general health care settings
    • Expand reimbursement systems for collaborative care models in Medicare and Medicaid
    • Promote the use of health information technology to foster coordination of care
    • Promote the use of peer support specialists
    • Encourage states to allow same-day billing
    • Support the creation of high-quality, comprehensive community health centers in every state
    • Launch a nationwide strategy to address the shortage of mental health providers
  4. Improve Outcomes in the Criminal Justice System
    • Dedicate new resources to help train law enforcement officers in responding to encounters involving persons with mental illness, and increase support for law enforcement partnerships with mental health professionals
    • Prioritize treatment over punishment for low-level, non-violent offenders with mental illnesses
  5. Enforcing Mental Health Parity
    • Launch randomized audits to detect parity violations, and increase federal enforcement
    • Enforce disclosure requirements so that insurers cannot conceal their practices for denying mental health care
    • Strengthen federal monitoring of health insurer compliance with network adequacy requirements
    • Create a simple process for patients, families, and providers to report parity violations and improve federal-state coordination on parity enforcement
  6. Housing and Job Opportunities
    • Expand community-based housing opportunities for individuals with mental illness and other disabilities
    • Expand employment opportunities for people with mental illness
    • Expand protection and advocacy support for people with mental health conditions
  7. Brain and Behavioral Science Research
    • Significantly increase research into brain and behavioral science research
    • Develop new links with the private and non-profit sectors
    • Commit to brain and behavioral science research based on open data

UPDATE (8/30/16): Hillary for America announced that Clinton and Tim Kaine spoke with the mental health policy community including patients, advocates, researchers, policy experts, physicians, counselors, and service providers. The conference call featured people from across the country and allowed Clinton to speak about her plan and hear feedback from experts.

Following the meeting, Clinton said, “I have heard heartbreaking stories for years about these incredible challenges, but during this campaign, it has seemed like a floodgate has opened from parents and students, from veterans, nurses, doctors, police officers. But I’ve also heard stories of hope and courage – people getting the help they needed, being able to lead happy, healthy, and thriving lives. And cities and states are deploying innovative programs, and that’s what we want to hear more of. We’ve got to break through and break down the stigma and shame. We’ve got to make clear that mental health is not a personal failing. Right now, it is our country which is failing people with mental health issues.”

Kaine said, “I am really happy that today when our campaign rolled out this proposal with respect to comprehensive mental health improvement, that we decided one group of people that we really want to talk to is college students. Most mental health challenges do first present themselves during adolescence or college. So, while even a mental health challenge of an adult later in life may become more manifest, there are early signs about it. One in four college students today do acknowledge that they are dealing with mental health challenges at some point along the way. And it is very important that we are aware of that and that we make clear that it’s normal, there is no stigma associated with it. And we want to make sure that there are appropriate resources, innovative resources, community-based resources so that people can access help, and that the response of society is treatment rather than judgment or pretending that it doesn’t exist.”

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News Source: The Briefing, USA Today

Clinton Proposes Universal Health Care

933DEM 2016 Clinton

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton and her campaign released an expansion to her health care plan that provides additional details on how, as president, she would achieve universal health care. Parts of the plan are suggestions from the campaign of former Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders. The expanded plan has three primary points:

  1. Work with state governors to expand Medicaid in every state.
  2. Reign in the cost of health care by ensuring low premiums, reforming the prescription drug industry to allow for price negotiations, and capping the maximum out of pocket expenses for a family per year.
  3. Expand Medicare to all Americans 55 years old and older.

In the release, Clinton stresses the importance of insuring all Americans and ensuring that everyone has access to affordable health care, dental and vision care, and affordable prescription drugs. The full plan is available on The Briefing.

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News Source: CBS News, The Briefing

Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Lexington and Louisville


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton held three events in Kentucky while citizens of neighboring West Virginia voted in their Democratic primary. Clinton’s first event was in Lexington where she laid out a new plan to help parents with the rising costs of child care. Speaking at a roundtable event, Clinton outlined the plan and spoke with care providers and parents about the importance of child care and the struggle for many families to find and afford adequate care. The bullet points of the plan includes:

  • Improve the quality of care by giving a RAISE (Respect And Increased Salaries for Early Childhood Educators) to America’s child care workforce
  • Provide home visiting services for more than 2 million parents and children in the next 10 years
  • Support young parents as the balance family responsibilities and their careers
  • Award scholarships of up to $1,500 per year to as many as one million student parents
  • Increase access to child care on college campuses by serving an additional 250,000 children
  • Doubling federal investment in high quality early learning programs
  • Making preschool universal for every 4-year old in America
  • Proving working parents paid time off to care for a new baby

The full plan can be read on The Briefing and a video from the event is available below.

Clinton then traveled to Louisville where she spoke at a rally. During her speech, Clinton focused on the economy and her plans to raise incomes and create new jobs. She also spoke about a number of other platform points before turning her attention to local politics and her Republican opposition. She criticized Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin for his plans to scrap the state’s health insurance exchanges and the state’s expansion of medicaid, both of which were provided as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Clinton then turned her attention to Republicans and their endless attacks on her career saying, “The right wing never gives up attacking me. I think they are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me…I’ve got a message for them. They’ve done it for 25 years and I’m still standing.” A video from the event will be posted when/if available.

In the evening, Clinton spoke at a second organizing event in Louisville. During her speech at Louisville Slugger Field, Clinton took a number of shots at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his disparaging comments about women and minorities. She said, “You could not imagine a more different vision for our country than the one between our side, of Democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity than the presumptive nominee on the Republican side.” Clinton focused on her plans to continue the progress of President Barack Obama’s administration and ensure that people have access to health care and affordable higher education. A full video from the event is below.

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Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Kentucky


While voters headed to the polls in Indiana, Bill Clinton campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, a state that holds its primary on May 17. Clinton began by touring the Morehead State’s Space Science Center and giving a speech to supporters. He spoke about the economy, the future of education, and the continued expansion of health care coverage. He praised the university for its work in the science and space sector saying, “The No. 1 export industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not bourbon, it’s not coal, or is it cars. The No. 1 export industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, an $8 billion industry, is the aeronautics and aerospace industry.”

Clinton then traveled to Lexington where he spoke to a group of supporters on the campus of the University of Kentucky. During his speech, Clinton spoke about health care and how Kentucky was one of the best states in the country with regard to the Affordable Care Act. The exchanges were well maintained and Medicaid coverage was helping those who were underinsured. But he said that “you elected a Republican governor” who “wrecked” it. He was referring to Governor Matt Bevin who has dismantled the Affordable Care Act framework in the state. Clinton also spoke about an number of Hillary’s platform points including the economy and bringing down the cost of higher education.

The final event of the day was in Louisville where he gave a stump speech to supporters at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage. Clinton spoke about Hillary’s plans for the future and her long career of fighting for the middle class. While in Louisville, he also made a number of unscheduled stops downtown where he wondered into shops and visited with the owners and clients. Videos from today’s events will be added when/if available.

Two fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. The first, was in New Orleans, Louisiana at the home of Jason Waguespack. Attending the event was former Congressman Barney Frank. The second event was a conversation about health care with Senior Policy Advisor Ann O’Leary. The event was hosted by Michael Bronfein in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Chelsea Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Utah

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.18.32 PM

On Tuesday, while her mother and father were focused on the day’s primaries, Chelsea Clinton visited the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Speaking with supporters at La Puente restaurant, Clinton spoke about her mother’s plans as president and the importance of the 2016 election. In addition, she took swipes at Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Hillary’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. Clinton then went after Utah’s Republican leadership for refusing to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid. While in Salt Lake City, Clinton also attended a fundraiser hosted by Kimi Eklund. A video from today’s event will be added when/if available.

In Washington, DC, a fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America. Attending the event were Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Joe Donnelly, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

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News Source: KUTV

Clinton Unveils Plan to Support those Living with Autism


At an event held today in Sioux City, Iowa, Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to to help families who face Autism on a daily basis. The sweeping plan includes increasing screening, improving treatments, creating partnerships for employment opportunities, and committing additional research funding to better understand Autism. During the town hall, Clinton introduced her plan, then took questions from those in attendance. In addition to discussing her plan at the event in Sioux City, Clinton also released additional details on The Briefing. An outline of her plan is below.

  • Screening and Awareness
    • Boost early screening rates with a nationwide outreach campaign
    • Promote multi-sector awareness campaign
  • Autism Treatment and Insurance Coverage
    • Improve access to autism services in the ACA marketplace and through private health insurance
    • Increase state compliance with Medicaid coverage requirements for children with autism and other developmental disabilities and create an autism-service-access scorecard that makes state Medicaid compliance publicly accessible
    • Work with the Department of Defense to ensure military families have full access to autism services through TRICARE
  • Safety and Services for Children and Youth
    • Enact the Keeping All Students Safe Act
    • Protect children with autism from bullying in their classrooms
  • Community Supports and Services for Individuals Transitioning into Adulthood
    • Launch a new Autism Works Initiative consisting of a post-graduation transition plan for every student with autism aging out of school-based services and a public-private partnership with employers
    • Combine the Autism Works Initiative with new legislation to fund employment demonstration grants for individuals with autism and other disabilities
    • Increase housing opportunities for autistic youth and adults
  • Caregiving
    • Encourage all states to enact ABLE legislation and ensure consumer protection for ABLE account beneficiaries
    • Provide new support to caregivers
  • Research
    • Significantly increase funding so that the government can invest more in autism research
    • Call for the first-ever adult autism prevalence and needs study
  • Enforcement
    • Ensure states meet their obligations under IDEA’s Child Find Program to identify, screen, and refer children with disabilities for services
    • Ensure access to assistive technologies
    • Enforce mental health parity protections
    • Continue vigorous enforcement of Olmstead
    • Dedicate new funding to autism protection and advocacy

A video from the event is below.

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News Source: The Briefing, Time

Clinton Makes First Campaign Stop in Oklahoma

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Today, Hillary Clinton was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I was there! This was my first time going to an event for Clinton, and I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Clinton spoke to an energetic crowd of about 1,000 at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. She opened her speech by telling a story of her time as a lawyer in nearby Arkansas. She then went into a full rundown of her platform and plans as president. In speaking about her health care plans, Clinton took the opportunity to criticize Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin for not taking federal funding to expand Medicaid in the state. She wrapped up her speech telling the story of her parents humble background, and in particular, her mother’s rough childhood, and how she maintained optimistic and had a chance to better herself in spite of it. Clinton said she is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has that same opportunity. A full video from today’s speech is below.

While in Tulsa, Clinton attended a private fundraiser hosted by BOK Financial Corporation chairman George Kaiser and his wife Cookie. As with all private events, the fundraiser was closed to the press.

Clinton’s next scheduled event is in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 15. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Photo Note: All the photos in the gallery above were taken by the author.

News Source: Tulsa World