Clinton Discusses Election at Women for Women Luncheon

On Tuesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton was a guest of the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York City. During the event, Clinton had a conversation with Christiane Amanpour. The two discussed a number of issues including the Donald Trump administration, a potential conflict with North Korea, and the 2016 presidential election. While Clinton accepted the blame for her loss, she said that there were a number of other factors including the letter from FBI Director James Comey and Russian hacking of the emails of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary for America Campaign Director John Podesta.

Clinton said she would have won the election if it had not been for the Comey letter and Wikileaks in late October adding, “If the election had been held on October 27, I’d be your president, and it wasn’t. It was on October 28.” Clinton did not deflect all of the blame saying that her campaign made mistakes. “I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot and I am very aware of the challenges, the problems, the shortfalls that we had,” she admitted. Clinton vowed to remain active in politics as a citizen and urged everyone to do the same. Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: CBS News, The Washington Post, Time, CNN, Politico


Kaine Rallies Supporters in Miami

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine spoke at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. During his speech at Miami-Dade College, Kaine stressed the importance of voting and spoke about a number of Clinton’s platform points. He previewed tomorrow night’s debate saying that it will be interesting to see how Donald Trump reacts when he asked tough questions about his tax returns, the Trump Foundation, and Trump University. “When the lights are bright like they are now she brings the A-plus game. She’ll be very, very good tomorrow. Donald Trump’s a performer and an entertainer, I’m not taking that away from him. But he can’t get away with the 15-second thing and then walking away. … No, it’s 90 minutes, mano y mano,” he said. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

The cast of the hit show “The West Wing,” actors Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Joshua Malina, and Mary McCormack, continued to campaign for Clinton today with stops in Dayton and Columbus. At each of the events, the actors took turns speaking about the importance of the 2016 election and ensuring that everyone is registered to vote before Ohio’s registration deadline on October 11. Janney, a native of Dayton, said of Clinton, “I don’t think there’s in the history of presidential candidates been someone with the depth and breadth of her experience. She is ready to do this job. We have to get it done. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” A video from today’s events will be added when/if available.


Meanwhile, in New York City, comedians Amy Poehler and Ana Gasteyer hosted a stand-up event and fundraiser for Hillary for America. The event, titled “Laugh your Pantsuit off” was held at The Hammerstein Ballroom. Besides Poehler and Gasteyer, other performers included Jane Curtin, Rachel Dratch, Aparna Nancherla, Jessica Williams, Phoebe Robinson, Kate Berlant, Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butler, Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel, Michael Ian Black, and Aziz Ansari.

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News Source: Miami Herald, Politico, Dayton Daily News

Hillary Clinton Interviewed by ESSENCE Magazine


An interview with Hillary Clinton is featured in the October issue of ESSENCE magazine. Clinton was interviewed by ESSENCE Editor-in-chief Vanessa K. De Luca, and they discussed how Clinton’s proposals would benefit black women. Clinton spoke about a number of her plans including ensuring equal pay for women, ensuring that students graduate from college debt-free, and her plans to enact criminal justice reform. Read the full interview below.

In ESSENCE Magazine’s October Issue, Secretary Hillary Clinton sat for an exclusive interview with the editor-in-chief Vanessa DeLuca to discuss her agenda for Black America.  She outlined her commitment to support women business owners, equal pay, criminal justice reform and to protect President Obama’s legacy.

ESSENCE: Thank you, Secretary Clinton, for spending time with ESSENCE. Let’s jump right in: In 2012, more than 70 percent of eligible Black women voters went to the polls and 96 percent of them voted for President Obama. How do you plan on energizing this bloc to vote for you in 2016?

HILLARY CLINTON: First, thank you, Vanessa. I’m delighted to be talking with you today. I think what’s remarkable and worthy of great attention is the percentage of Black women who vote. Black women understand that politics and government have a direct effect on their lives. I want to build on the progress that has been made under President Obama. I am absolutely unabashed in saying that I don’t think he gets the credit for what he’s achieved.

There is a very clear set of issues that are particularly important to African-American women. I will continue to reach out to say, “Look, we’ve got to build on the progress. I can’t do it without you. I want to know what you need, and I want you to know that I’m going to do everything I can to respond to those needs.

ESSENCE: In a poll we conducted with civic engagement group Black Women’s Roundtable last year, we asked our audience to tell us the top three issues they found to be the most critical in deciding whether they would vote for a particular candidate. The issues were affordable health care, living wage and college affordability. How can the middle class participate in the affordable health care plan in the ways they are prevented from doing right now?

HILLARY CLINTON: I was thrilled when President Obama got the Affordable Care Act through. I will be looking to see how we make it truly affordable so that the co-pays, the premiums and the deductibles don’t take such a huge chunk out of a woman’s or a family’s budget. Women are eligible for Medicare starting at age 65, but what about the women between 55 and 65 who are maybe facing health challenges but don’t have Medicare? What about caretakers, all the women who cut back on their work hours or stop their work life to care for a child, a spouse or an elderly relative? They are hurt when it comes to social security, so how do we take care of that? I want to look at this broadly to figure out how we help people get the quality affordable health care that everybody needs and deserves to different points in their life.

ESSENCE: Let’s shift to the second issue. Black women with a bachelor’s degree are making $10,000 less than the average White male with an associate’s degree. How do you plan to address the significant pay gaps for us?

HILLARY CLINTON: More good jobs with rising incomes is the centerpiece of how we’re going to provide a higher standard of living for people. There is still too much explicit and implicit bias in employment, hiring and promoting that, again, disproportionately affect the African-American women. I am in favor of raising the minimum wage, and support the efforts that have already been successful in New York and California to raise it to 15$ per hour. I want to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act so that you’re not retaliated against if you try to find out what you’re paid. Right now if you and I are working for the same company and we’re having lunch together and I say, “Well I’m making X an hour or my salary is Y,” and you say, “But we’re doing the same job and I am making X minus or Y minus,” we could both be fired for that.

ESSENCE: A lot of our readers are excited about your student loan plan. How will it assist those of us with college loan debt, especially those who attended historically Black colleges and universities?

HILLARY CLINTON: From the very moment I rolled out my college affordability plan, I made it very clear that I wanted to get back to where we used to be, where it was possible for someone for someone from a modest-income family to afford to go to college. I have a plan to make four-year public colleges and universities tuition-free. If you make less than $125,000 a year, you should not have to borrow a penny to pay for all their other costs. I also have a really strong commitment to historically Black colleges and billion fund set aside that will help HBCUs be competitive, be able to upgrade their laboratories and be able to provide more financial support to make sure they remain a viable option.

ESSENCE: Why is that important to you?

HILLARY CLINTON: My first boss, Marian Wright Edelman went to Spelman, and another great friend of mine, Vernon Jordan, got his law degree at Howard. I’ve has close friends talk about how that experience was so important in their maturing and that they felt very nurtured—challenged, but nurtured. I have visited a lot of HBCUs and the ones that are the public colleges and universities in a lot of states are being shortchanged when it comes to funding, so they’re having to close departments and buildings. It’s not that these schools don’t have the demand; they still do. They don’t have the resources. I want to provide a floor underneath them. I have a plan to help refinance your debt, to get it paid down, to ensure you pay no more than 10 percent of your income for your debt and to provide relief. If you go into public service, and that includes teaching and law enforcement, we will forgive the rest of your debt after ten years.

ESSENCE: How will you deal with the ongoing issue of police brutality and racial profiling should be elected president?

HILLARY CLINTON: I think there are four issues that we have to address simultaneously. One is policing reform and I think President Obama’s policing commission has excellent recommendations. What I intend to do is use the federal budget to incentivize and catalyze the 18,000 police departments we have in America to follow those kinds of recommendations. I want there to be national guidelines on the use of force, particularly lethal force, that every department would accept and that they would then train their police and hold them accountable. I want independent investigations of any police incident that results in the death of any person.

ESSENCE: Beyond a grand jury?

HILLARY CLINTON: New York, after some of our regrettable, terrible incidents, made the right decision by legislating that the attorney general of the state would take over these investigations. I want to have a better approach to accountability and justice. I want to provide second-chance programs for people coming out of jail and prison, but I want to do much more to divert people from ever getting their in the first place. Honestly, young, Black kids, particularly young Black boys, for being kids. I want to replace the cradle-to-prison pipeline with a cradle-to-college or –career pipeline and really emphasize that.

ESSENCE: Obviously the country is in a very precarious state right now. There’s lots of division and failure to see the other side. How would you bring us all together?

HILLARY CLINTON: I hope that by reaching out to people—especially across the aisle to Republicans as I did when I was First Lady, as senator and as secretary of state—I will demonstrate that I’m walking the walk as well as talking the talk. I know that it takes time and investment of your energy to build relationships, but investment of your energy to build relationships, but there’s no substitute for that. I intend to begin doing that as soon as I possibly can. This will determine what kind of lives we have and certainly what kind of lives our children and grandchildren will have. Are we going to be fairer, more just society with opportunity for all, one that builds an inclusive economic prosperity that people can feel is helping them get ahead? Are we going to stand against discrimination, bigotry, bluster and bullying? Those are all core beliefs that I have about the kind of country that I think we must be, and in our better moments, we are.

ESSENCE: Should there be resistance, how will you push back against that?

HILLARY CLINTON: I expect there will be resistance, but you have to work to find whatever common ground you can. I don’t know if you have seen the wonderful musical “Hamilton” but there is a point where George Washington says that he is going to step down and people are shocked.  But he said, “It’s the right thing to do,” and then he said, “History’s eyes are on us.” I think history’s eyes are still on us. We’ve got to keep working together and that means creating common ground and common purpose wherever we can. There will always be naysayers; there will always be haters. But we can’t let them drive our agenda. What we’re trying to do is much bigger than them and much more hopeful than they even understand. I am going to keep reaching out, and based on my experience I think we can make progress.

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News Source: ESSENCE

Clinton Accepts Presidential Debate Schedule


On Monday, Hillary for America Chair John Podesta released a statement saying that Hillary Clinton has accepted the dates and locations for the presidential debates as scheduled by the independent debate commission. Republican Donald Trump has voiced his concerns about the debates and moderators. The debates will begin in late September with the last in late October, a few weeks before the election. View the debate dates on our Scheduled Events page. Presidential debates are scheduled by an independent organization. A copy of Podesta’s statement is below.

“Secretary Clinton looks forward to participating in all three presidential debates scheduled by the independent debate commission. With so much at stake in the fall elections, she believes these debates will provide the American people with an important opportunity to hear from the candidates on issues critical to the country’s future. It is concerning that the Trump campaign is already engaged in shenanigans around these debates. It is not clear if he is trying to avoid the debates, or merely toying with the press to create more drama. Either way, our campaign is not interested in playing along with a debate about debates or bargaining around them. The only issue now is whether Donald Trump is going to show up to debate at the date, times, places and formats set by the commission last year through a bipartisan process. We accept the commission’s invitation and expect Donald Trump will do the same.”

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News Source: CBS News

House Benghazi Committee Releases Final Report


The House Select Committee on Benghazi concluded its multi-year investigation into the terrorist attack on the United States Diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The attack resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. After reviewing evidence and conducting countless interviews, the committee released its findings at the end of June.

There has been controversy surrounding the committee since its creation in 2014. Democrats have accused Republicans as using the attacks in Benghazi as a way to harm Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Its critics point to the endless investigations, many of which concluded before the committee was created in 2014. Because of this, the Republican majority and the Democratic minority of the committee have agreed on little. In fact, they even have separate websites covering the investigation. These divisions were made more apparent when Clinton testified for over 10 hours before the committee in October 2015.

On June 27, the minority members of the committee released their findings in a report led by Representative Elijah Cummings. In the report, the minority members focus on the way the committee has acted and the cost to tax payers for an investigation that ultimately yielded no new findings. They also complained that they were largely left out the process of writing the primary report that was released the next day. The report, which consists of 340 pages, is primarily a criticism of the handling of the investigation by the Republicans on the committee and their limited focus on Clinton.

The Republicans released their final report on June 28, a day after the Democrats. In 869 pages, the committee’s Republicans, led by Representative Trey Gowdy, harshly criticized the State Department, Defense Department, and CIA for failing to fully understand the situation that led to the attack in Benghazi. The report criticizes the delayed action by the Obama administration following the attacks. Overall, the committee failed to find any new evidence that changed the narrative of the attack nor could they prove that Clinton was in any way negligent. Instead, the report largely blames systemic issues for the poor response to the attack.

While the committee is responsible for discovering that Clinton used a private email server as Secretary of State, the findings of the committee largely echo that of an investigations conducted by the State Department in 2012 and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2013. During the Senate hearings in January 2013, Clinton accepted full responsibility for the State Department’s failures leading up to and following the attack. She also spoke about security funding that was cut by Congress arguing that those cuts have made United States diplomatic posts less secure around the world and she urged Congress to increase funding to ensure the safety of diplomats.

Since the release of the report early this week, Clinton has been asked for her thoughts. While she has not had much to say, she did offer a comment late this week saying, “I’ll leave it to others to characterize this report, but I think it’s pretty clear it’s time to move on.”

While many agree that it is time to move on, we want to ensure that the report, and every other report released on the Benghazi investigation are fully available to readers in the interest of full transparency. Therefore, we have gathered all the internal investigations and reports into the Benghazi attack into one place. Below, you will find a collection of websites for each the investigative committees as well as a collection of hearings and reports released by Congress and the State Department.




October 10, 2012 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Hearing
November 15, 2012 House Committee on Foreign Affairs (Part 1) Hearing
November 15, 2012 House Committee on Foreign Affairs (Part 2) Hearing
December 2012 State Department Accountability Review Board Report
December 20, 2012 Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing
January 23, 2013 House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing
February 7, 2013 Senate Committee on Armed Services Hearing
April 23, 2013 Progress Report by the House Republican Conference Report
May 8, 2013 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Hearing
September 16, 2013 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Report
September 18, 2013 House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing
September 19, 2013 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Hearing
January 15, 2014 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report
February 7, 2014 House Foreign Affairs Committee Majority Report
September 17, 2014 House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya Hearing
January 27, 2015 House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya Hearing
October 22, 2015 House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya Hearing
June 27, 2016 House Select Committee on Benghazi Minority Report
June 28, 2016 House Select Committee on Benghazi Majority Report

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News Source: The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post

Happy 40th Anniversary to the Clintons!

Today marks the 40th Wedding Anniversary of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Both Clintons took to Twitter today and shared an image from their wedding day, October 11, 1975. We wish them a happy anniversary!

Clinton Attends Hamptons Fundraiser

Clinton attends a private fundraiser in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania earlier this month.
Clinton attends a private fundraiser in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania in July.

On Saturday, Hillary Rodham Clinton attended a private fundraiser at the home of Selma and Artie Rabin in the upscale Hamptons area of New York. A number of politicians attended including Senator Cory Booker. Also in attendance was Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, and her husband Marc Mezvinsky. The event was closed to the public and press, but she reportedly spoke about her plans to build on the achievements of the last eight years, testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi in October, and creating a better future for the next generation.

Tomorrow, Clinton returns to Iowa where she is expected to layout her agriculture proposals and platform. Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: The New York Post

Democratic Primary Debate Schedule Announced

Democratic Debate in Iowa on December 13, 2007
Democratic Debate in Iowa on December 13, 2007

On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee and CNN announced that the first of six Democratic party debates will be held on October 13. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Marin O’Malley are expected to take part.

There five other debates are outlined below:

  • November 14: CBS, KCCI, and The Des Moines Register in Iowa
  • December 19: ABC and WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire
  • January 17: NBC and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute in Charleston, South Carolina
  • February or March: Univision and The Washington Post in Miami, Florida
  • February or March: PBS in Wisconsin.

More details about each debate will be posted once they are available.

News Source: CNN

Clinton to Testify before House Benghazi Committee

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 23:  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill January 23, 2013 in Washington, DC. Lawmakers questioned Clinton about the security failures during the September 11 attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the death of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 23: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill January 23, 2013 in Washington, DC. Lawmakers questioned Clinton about the security failures during the September 11 attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the death of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that Clinton has agreed to appear before the House Benghazi Committee on October 22. The committee has been pressuring Clinton to appear for months and had indicated that they wanted her to testify behind closed doors. Clinton agreed to testify in a public hearing, however. She is expected to be asked about her knowledge of the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and she will also be asked about the personal email server she used while serving as Secretary of State. More details will be posted when they are available.

News Source: Politico

Happy Birthday Hillary Rodham Clinton!