Anne Holton and Jill Biden Campaign in Pennsylvania


Anne Holton and Jill Biden campaigned together in Pennsylvania. Speaking at events in Philadelphia and Pheonixville, Holton and Biden focused on the blueprint for America presented by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine and how it stands in stark contrast from Donald Trump’s vision for America. Biden said that she is tired of Trump’s comments about women saying, “It sickens us. I’m not sure what to say to my daughters and granddaughters who ask, ‘Is this what politics has become?’ It’s hard to explain as a mother and grandmother.”

Holton explained what it has been like working with Clinton the last few months. She explained that she does not only support Clinton because of her party affiliation, but because she is truly knowledgeable about the issues. “I’ve loved getting to be with her on the campaign trail. She’s such a good listener. Yes, she’s a policy wonk. We all know that. She’s a very serious person. I want a serious person in the Oval Office. Her policies come from talking to people. I see the way she talks to the campaign bus driver and the factory line worker, asking about the work-family balance. She connects what she hears from them to inform her policy,” Holton said. Videos from today’s events will be posted when/if available.

Meanwhile, a series of fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and featured a conversation with Laura Rosenberger, Foreign Policy Advisor. Actress Selma Hayek Pinault spoke at a fundraising event in Austin, Texas. In Massachusetts, former Congressman Barney Frank and Jimmy Tingle attended fundraising events in Newton and Jamaica Plain.

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News Source: Fox 29, CBS Philly, Penn Live


HFA Releases Series of New Videos and Ads


On Monday, Hillary for America released a new round of commercials and ads. The first is a TV ad titled “Arrogant” that goes after Donald Trump following the weekend’s report that he has not paid taxes for years. The next three videos highlight the record of Mike Pence and draw parallels between Pence and Trump. Then, a video featuring prominent African-American actors talking about what is at stake in this election for the African-American community. Next, is an ad titled “Measure” that highlights Hillary Clinton’s career fighting for children and families. The next video, titled “Shane,” introduces a man who talks about his experience in the foster care system and how, as First Lady, Clinton helped pass the Adoption and Safe Families Act. Then, actress Selma Hayak is in a Spanish language ad underscoring the importance of the election for the Latino community. The next is a radio ad that highlights Trump’s business dealings with Cuba during the embargo. The final ad is a Spanish language radio ad that talks about how Trump treated hotels in his hotels like “second class workers.” Watch, and listen, to the ads below.

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