The State of New York is one of the many things that Former United States President Donald J. Trump and the United States Senator Hillary Clinton have in common. Either by birth, as in the case of Donald Trump, or by service, as in Hillary’s affiliation to New York; both Trump and Hillary have had their fair share of history with New York City and the State of New York at large, and you would agree that it suffices to call them both – New Yorkers!

Although the 2016 Presidential election saw a lot of heat exchanged between both parties, Republicans and Democrats alike. Usually, New York isn’t the home of presidential election performance, but 2016 saw both Hillary and Trump hold their election night parties in New York City. The election was perused through several lenses such as Red vs. Blue, Man vs. Woman, Outsider vs. Establishment, and New Yorker vs. New Yorker! The overall election verdict saw Donald Trump come out of the struggle with an ecstatic victory over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College vote.

It has been so much for both Hillary and Trump; asides been at loggerheads in the presidential elections in 2016, they both have strong ties to the State of New York. And like most New Yorkers, they have a strong and dogged mentality that influences that approach and perspective to their duties, making them more resilient and hardworking.

Oh, and not to mention they both use an air purifier from BYPurify 🙂

Donald J. Trump – Born and Raised in New York

Donald John Trump had his personal story etched into New York even before his birth, like his father, Fred Trump, who was also born in New York. Trump was born in Queens, New York City. A great neighborhood inhabited by Western European immigrants at the time. Queens remains one of the most prolific places in New York City, as there are many interesting things to do in Queens

His childhood home was at 85-15 Wareham Place, in a Jamaican Estate of Queens, before they moved to another apartment near Henley Road. The former home in Queens is still an interesting place to visit. At age 13, Trump also passed through the New York Military Academy, where he performed excellently well in academic and social standards, making him one the student leader and the top athletes of the academy.

Even before politics, Trump had been a reality TV figure, becoming quite popular in the TV show, The Apprentice. He remains a radical entrepreneur, celebrated author, and a real estate developer with several businesses in New York City before he decided to venture into politics and announce his intention to run for President in 2016. One of Trump’s most popular landmarks in New York City is the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Hillary Clinton – New Yorker by Virtue or by Adoption

Speak of Hillary Rodham Clinton; she is most famous for being the first woman in America’s history to have a shot at being the first female American President. She was nominated by the Democrats Party, which she duly represented when she ran against fellow New Yorker Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections.

She is also famous for being the wife of former American President –  Bill Clinton. But before 2016, Hillary Clinton had served as a United States Senator in New York twice, between 2001 to 2009. She was also the United States Secretary of State during the Obama administration. There are several other things about Hillary Clinton that you may or may not know.

Due to her long term service to the State of New York, She has certainly earned the right to be called a New Yorker by Virtue or Adoption. Hillary was born and raised in Chicago, schooled in Wesley and Yale, she has lived in New York for well over a decade.  Hillary is often described as a strong woman and one who has overtime represented the State of New York with its best interest at heart.

New Yorkers Together or Apart

Donald Trump’s declaration of domicile announcement in September 2020 means that his Palm Beach property in Florida will now be his permanent residence and no longer the Manhattan residence. This declaration will see Trump move from his Trump Tower residence on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan since he moved in over three decades ago in 1983.  Do not forget that Trump will also have to vacate the White House next year, having lost the 2020 Presidential elections to President-elect Joe Biden.

It is 2020, and Hillary Clinton is listed as one of the twenty-nine Democrat electors in the state of New York by the New York State Board of Elections.

In whichever direction things may turn out, we know for sure that Trump and Hillary truly embody the New York spirit!