Clinton Unveils Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health


Hillary Clinton announced her comprehensive plan to better treat people living with a mental illness. The current mental health treatment policies have been criticized for not properly treating patients. Highlights of Clinton’s plan include the expansion of early intervention programs, a national suicide prevention initiative, increased training for police in dealing with the mentally ill, providing mental health care for those who commit non-violent crimes, expanding employment opportunities, and increasing investments in research for the brain and behavioral research. An outline of the plan is below, and the full plan can be read on The Briefing.

  1. Early Diagnosis and Intervention
    • Increase public awareness and take action to address maternal depression, infant mental health, and trauma and stress in the lives of young children
    • Scale up efforts to help pediatric practices and schools support children facing behavioral problems
    • Help providers share information and best practices
    • Ensure that college students have access to mental health services
  2. Federal Support for Suicide Prevention
    • Create a national initiative around suicide prevention across the lifespan that is headed by the Surgeon General
    • Encourage evidence-based suicide prevention and mental health programs in high schools
    • Provide federal support for suicide prevention on college campuses
    • Partner with colleges and researchers to ensure that students of color and LGBT students are receiving adequate mental health coverage
  3. Integrate our Healthcare Systems and Expand Community-Based Treatment
    • Foster integration between the medical and behavioral health care systems (including mental health and addiction services), so that high-quality treatment for behavioral health is widely available in general health care settings
    • Expand reimbursement systems for collaborative care models in Medicare and Medicaid
    • Promote the use of health information technology to foster coordination of care
    • Promote the use of peer support specialists
    • Encourage states to allow same-day billing
    • Support the creation of high-quality, comprehensive community health centers in every state
    • Launch a nationwide strategy to address the shortage of mental health providers
  4. Improve Outcomes in the Criminal Justice System
    • Dedicate new resources to help train law enforcement officers in responding to encounters involving persons with mental illness, and increase support for law enforcement partnerships with mental health professionals
    • Prioritize treatment over punishment for low-level, non-violent offenders with mental illnesses
  5. Enforcing Mental Health Parity
    • Launch randomized audits to detect parity violations, and increase federal enforcement
    • Enforce disclosure requirements so that insurers cannot conceal their practices for denying mental health care
    • Strengthen federal monitoring of health insurer compliance with network adequacy requirements
    • Create a simple process for patients, families, and providers to report parity violations and improve federal-state coordination on parity enforcement
  6. Housing and Job Opportunities
    • Expand community-based housing opportunities for individuals with mental illness and other disabilities
    • Expand employment opportunities for people with mental illness
    • Expand protection and advocacy support for people with mental health conditions
  7. Brain and Behavioral Science Research
    • Significantly increase research into brain and behavioral science research
    • Develop new links with the private and non-profit sectors
    • Commit to brain and behavioral science research based on open data

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News Source: The Briefing, USA Today

HFA’s Response to Trump’s Latest Misleading Ad


On Monday, Hillary for America Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds released the following in response to Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad.

“Donald Trump’s reckless approach to business has devastated working families and communities. He will do and say whatever is in his interest, even if it means swindling working families to make millions for himself. Now Trump is promising the same reckless, self-centered approach to running the country’s economy – with large tax breaks for the wealthy, and a plan that independent experts say would cost millions of jobs. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who will work to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and has a plan that would create jobs, grow incomes and help small business and the middle class. No misleading ad can change that fact.”

V/O: In Hillary Clinton’s America, the middle class gets crushed

SUPER: middle class CRUSHED

“America’s Shrinking Middle Class: A Close Look at Changes Within Metropolitan Areas,” Pew Research Center, 5/11/16




Hillary for America Fact Sheet: Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for An Economy That Works for Everyone, Not Just Those at the Top [Hillary for America Fact Sheet, 6/22/16]

Hillary Clinton is running for President to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And she is setting five big goals to get there:

1  Break Through Washington Gridlock to Make the Boldest Investment in Good-Paying Jobs Since World War II

2  Make Debt Free College Available to All Americans

3  Rewrite the Rules to Ensure That Workers Share in the Profits They Help Create

4  Ensure That Those at the Top Pay Their Fair Share

5  Put Families First by Matching Our Policies to How Families Live, Learn, and Work in the 21st Century Economy


Moody’s: “Those Who Would Benefit Most From Secretary Clinton’s Economic Proposals Would Be Low- And Middle-Income Households.” “Those who would benefit most from Secretary Clinton’s economic proposals would be low- and middle-income households.” [The Macroeconomic Consequences of Secretary Clinton’s Economic Policies, Moody’s Analytics, July 2016]


“America’s Shrinking Middle Class: A Close Look at Changes Within Metropolitan Areas,” Pew Research Center, 5/11/16

V/O Spending goes up

SUPER: spending goes UP

“Analyzing Clinton’s Health and Education Expenses,” CRFB, 7/27/16

“Estimating the Costs of Candidate Clinton’s Proposals,” American Action Forum, 6/4/16


Wall Street Journal: Study Sees Debt Jumping Under Trump, Staying Steady Under Clinton [Wall Street, Journal, 6/26/16]

Study: Clinton’s proposals would not significantly increase national debt [The Hill, 5/2/16]

Budget group: Debt jumps under Donald Trump, remains steady under Hillary Clinton [CBS News, 6/27/16]



V/O: Taxes go up

SUPER: Taxes go UP

“Estimating the Costs of Candidate Clinton’s Proposals,” American Action Forum, 6/4/16



Politifact Gave A “Pants On Fire” To Donald Trump’s Claim That “Hillary Clinton Wants To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class.” [Politifact, 8/5/16]

Research Cited By Trump Campaign Notes That Clinton Would Not Raise Taxes On Incomes Less Than $250,000

Tax Foundation: “Consistent With The Clinton Campaign’s Pledge Not To Raise Taxes On Households Earning Less Than $250,000, We Assumed That The New Schedule For Long-Term Gains…” “Consistent with the Clinton campaign’s pledge not to raise taxes on households earning less than $250,000, we assumed that the new schedule for long-term gains only would apply to the top marginal tax rate of 20 percent.” [“Details and Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposals,” Tax Foundation, 1/26/16]

V/O: Hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. It’s more of the same but worse.

SUPER: Clinton’s Tax Plan: hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear

“Details and Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposals,” Tax Foundation, 1/26/16



Moody’s: “During Her Presidency, The Economy Would Create 10.4 Million Jobs, 3.2 Million More Than Under Current Law.” “Employment also receives a lift under the secretary’s plan. During her presidency, the economy would create 10.4 million jobs, 3.2 million more than under current law. Unemployment is also lower, with the unemployment rate falling as low as 3.7% in the middle of her term, and ending her presidency in 2020 at 4.4%. Under current law, the unemployment rate hovers just below 5% between now and the end of the decade.” [The Macroeconomic Consequences of Secretary Clinton’s Economic Policies, Moody’s Analytics, July 2016]

Moody’s: Clinton’s Economic Proposals Will Results In A “Stronger U.S. Economy With Increased GDP And More Jobs” That “Will Mostly Benefit Middle- And Lower-Income Households.” “Even allowing for some variability in the accuracy of the economic modeling and underlying assumptions that drive our analysis, four basic conclusions regarding the impact of Secretary Clinton’s economic proposals can be reached: 1) They will result in a somewhat stronger U.S. economy with increased GDP and more jobs; 2) they will mostly benefit middle- and lower-income households; 3) they have little impact on the nation’s fiscal situation, as they result in somewhat larger deficits but a mostly unchanged debt-to-GDP ratio; and 4) they exhibit faith in the ability of government policy to positively influence economic behavior.” [The Macroeconomic Consequences of Secretary Clinton’s Economic Policies, Moody’s Analytics, July 2016]

V/O: In Donald Trump’s America, working families get tax relief

SUPER: Families Get Tax Relief

“A Pro-Growth Tax Code for All Americans,” GOP: A Better Way, 6/24/16



HEADLINE: “Economists: Trump Tax Plan Offers Almost Nothing For The Middle Class.” [Washington Post, 8/8/16]

Center On Budget And Policy Priorities: Trump’s Proposed 15% Tax Rate On Pass-Through Income “Would Be An Expensive Tax Cut That Would Flow Primarily To The Wealthiest Americans.” “A central element of Donald Trump’s tax plan, which he’s expected to discuss in a high-profile speech in Detroit today, is a special 15 percent tax rate on business income claimed on individual tax returns, known as ‘pass-through’ income.  Mr. Trump says it’s designed to help small businesses, which he contends shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than large corporations.  Mr. Trump, who has proposed a 15 percent corporate tax rate, proposes a pass-through rate of 15 percent as well. The Trump pass-through proposal would be an expensive tax cut that would flow primarily to the wealthiest Americans.  That’s because more than two-thirds of pass-through business income flows to the highest-income 1 percent of tax filers.” [Center On Budget And Policy Priorities, 8/8/16]

Trump’s Financial Disclosure Revealed He Had Holdings In More Than 200 Pass-Through Entities, Which Would See Their Tax Rate Dramatically Reduced Under His Plan. “A little-noticed provision in Donald Trump’s tax reform plan has the potential to deliver a large tax cut to companies in the Republican presidential nominee’s vast business empire, experts say. Trump’s plan would dramatically reduce taxes on what is known in tax circles as ‘pass-through’ entities, which do not pay corporate income taxes, but whose owners are taxed at individual rates on their share of profits. Those entities are the most common structure for small businesses and increasingly popular for larger ones as well. They are also a cornerstone of the Trump Organization. On his 2015 presidential financial disclosure report, Trump listed holdings of more than 200 limited liability corporations, which is a form of pass-through.” [Washington Post, 8/10/16]


HEADLINE: “Trump Ad Credits Tax Plan He Doesn’t Support” [NBC News, 8/29/16]

Donald Trump’s New Ad Cites Two Contradictory Tax Plans — One That Trump Has Explicitly Ruled Out and Another That He Has Yet To Endorse. “Donald Trump’s new $10 million TV ad cites two contradictory tax plans — one that Trump has explicitly ruled out and another that he has yet to endorse — raising more questions about what policies the GOP presidential nominee supports. […] For the ad’s claim that ‘working families get tax relief,’ it refers viewers not to an analysis of Trump’s own tax proposals, but to a white paper by House GOP leaders about their own tax reform plan. […] Trump has not endorsed the House GOP plan outright, but his new proposal, announced earlier this month, has some similarities. […] Things get even more confusing as the commercial continues. The ad’s next two claims that Trump would make ‘wages go up’ and ‘small businesses thrive’ refer to his old tax plan from last year, which had drastically different rates, including a 0% bracket at the bottom and a top rate of 25%. The on-screen citation directs viewers to a Tax Foundation analysis of that now-defunct proposal from September 2015. Trump erased his old plan from his website shortly before he announced his new one in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club earlier this month.” [NBC News, 8/29/16]

V/O: Millions of New Jobs Created

Millions of new jobs

Details and Analysis of the 2016 House Republican Tax Reform Plan,” Tax Foundation, 7/5/16



A Moody’s Analytics Report On Trump’s Economic Proposals On Taxes, Trade, Immigration And Spending Found That Trump’s Policies Could Sharply Reduce Economic Output And Reduce Employment By Nearly 3.5 Million Jobs During His First Term. “A new analysis concludes Donald Trump’s economic proposals, taken at face value, could produce a prolonged recession and heavy job losses that would fall hardest on low- and middle-income workers. The Moody’s Analytics report, which a person close to the Trump campaign strongly disputed, is the first that attempts to quantify the cumulative economic benefits and costs of Mr. Trump’s proposals on taxes, trade, immigration and spending. It determines that full adoption of those policies would sharply reduce economic output during his first term and reduce employment by 3.5 million jobs.” [Wall Street Journal, 6/20/15]

V/O: Wages go up

SUPER: Wages go up

“Details and Analysis of Donald Trump’s Tax Plan,” Tax Foundation, 9/29/15



Trump Opposed Raising The Minimum Wage Because: “Wages Too High, We’re Not Going To Be Able To Compete Against The World.” Trump said he wouldn’t raise the minimum wage, and the reason is that America ‘is a country that is being beaten on every front.’ The problem, he said: ‘Taxes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world. I hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. People have to go out, they have to work really hard, and they have to get into that upper stratum.’” [The Week, 11/10/15; Republican Primary Debate, Milwaukee WI, 11/10/15]

Trump: “We Have To Become Competitive With The World.  Our Taxes Are Too High, Our Wages Are Too High.  Everything Is Too High.” TRUMP: “But you know what? We have to become competitive with the world.  Our taxes are too high, our wages are too high.  Everything is too high.” [Morning Joe, MSNBC, 11/11/15; The Hill, 11/11/15]


Trump: “But I Think Having A Low Minimum Wage Is Not A Bad Thing For This Country.” TRUMP: “Now — I want to create jobs so that you don’t have to worry about the minimum wage.  They’re do a great job that they’re making much more than the minimum wage.  But I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country, Mika.” [Morning Joe, MSNBC, 8/20/15; Washington Times; 8/20/15]

V/O: Small businesses thrive

SUPER: Small businesses thrive

“Details and Analysis of Donald Trump’s Tax Plan,” Tax Foundation, 9/29/15

V/O: The American dream achievable. Change that makes America great again. Donald Trump for President.




Moody’s Concluded That Trump’s Trade And Immigration Policies Would Sharply Boost The Prices Of Labor And Goods And Could Contribute To A Recession In 2018. “The report singles out trade and immigration policies as the most detrimental to the economy in the short run because they could sharply boost labor and goods prices at a time when there’s less slack in the labor market. ‘It is a massive supply shock to the economy that’s very pernicious, and the Fed doesn’t know how to respond to that,’ said Mr. Zandi. Moody’s concludes that those price pressures would force the central bank to raise interest rates at a faster-than-desired pace, contributing to a recession in 2018 that could produce a 25% drop in the S&P 500.” [Wall Street Journal, 6/20/15]

HEADLINE: “Donald Trump’s Trade War Could Kill Millions Of U.S. Jobs” [Wonkblog, Washington Post, 3/25/16]

HEADLINE: “How Donald Trump Could Cause A Recession” [CNN Money, 3/3/16]

The Republican-Leaning U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Argued That Trump’s Proposed Tariffs Would Likely Cause A Recession. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using a recent analysis commissioned by The Washington Post to argue that Donald Trump’s trade policy platform could cause a recession. The business group, which is a consistent backer of Republican politicians, said in a blog post Friday that a recession would set in during the first year under the Republican front-runner’s proposed tariffs because China and Mexico would likely impose retaliatory tariffs.” [Politico, 4/1/16]

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HFA Fundraisers Held on Sunday, Kutcher in Iowa


On Sunday, two fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was a LGBT and Allies reception in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event featured a conversation with Mayor Michael Nutter and music by DJ Samantha Ronson. Then, in Providence, Rhode Island, a fundraiser was hosted by Michelle Kwan and Clay Pell. The event featured a conversation with actor Tony Goldwyn.


Hillary Clinton has also received several celebrity endorsements. Actor Ashton Kutcher visited a local Hillary for America campaign office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A native Iowan, Kutcher criticized Donald Trump for doing anything to get elected. “In an effort to get himself elected, he’s willing to say whatever he has to and make you promises that ultimately I don’t think he can keep, but what most common sense people think is right,” he said. Kutcher continued, “I think Hillary stands for all of the things we stand for.” Meanwhile, in an interview with Katie Couric, DJ Khaled said he was supporting Clinton.

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News Source: The Gazette, Thump

Kaine Talks with Stephen Colbert


Tim Kaine was interviewd on Thursday’s spisode of CBS’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Kaine and Colbert discussed a number of topics including the moment that he recieved the phone call from Hillary Clinton asking to be her running mate. Kaine also owned up to his “dadhood” as many have commented on his dad-like personality. He responded to Colbert’s jokes, “I’ve been prepared for that for 26 years because I have three children who have been ripping on me and saying those things about me since they were born.” A video of the interview is below.

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News Source: The Atlantic

Hillary Clinton Statement on The March on Washington Anniversary


Hillary Clinton released the following statement in honor of the 53rd anniversary of the March on Washington. The march was held August 28, 1963.

“Tomorrow, we mark the date on which hundreds of thousands of Americans marched on Washington on behalf of human rights.  Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. uttered words now etched forever in our nation’s history:

‘I have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’

His call to action sparked the momentum needed to pass the Voting Rights Act –  knocking down legal barriers that had stood for generations, and ensuring every American could exercise their constitutional right to vote.

In 2016, we’ve come a long way since the days of Jim Crow.  Yet too many Americans still face systemic racism and constant assaults on their franchise.  Something is profoundly wrong when decades after Dr. King addressed the nation, so many Americans still feel that their country values them less, simply because of the color of their skin.

That’s just one reason why the stakes in this election are unlike any we have faced before.  Those brave men and women who marched, and sat, and bled for civil rights in America must not have done so in vain.

As President, I’ll stand up to bluster and bigotry, and fight back against efforts to restrict access to the ballot.  Let’s make it easier for people to vote, not harder.  Let’s make sure every state has at least 20 days of in-person voting, and no one ever has to wait more than 30 minutes to cast their ballot.  And let’s automatically register every American to vote on their 18th birthday.

The power of American democracy comes from the fact that no one is left behind – no matter where they come from, what they look like, or who they love.  That’s what I mean when I say that we’re stronger together.

So today, let’s continue to be inspired by the self-evident truths that first united our nation, and live up to what a young minister dreamed and declared fifty-three years ago.”

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Kaine Meets with Local Elected Officials in South Florida


Tim Kaine wrapped up a two campaign trip to Florida on Saturday. In Miami Lakes, Kaine toured Design South Florida, a local production company. He toured the facility and visited with employees. He then rallied elected Democrats in Pembroke Pines. Speaking to a collected group of Democratic mayors and elected officials, Kaine went after Donald Trump and touted Hillary’s Clinton’s plans and record. He framed Clinton as the logical choice over Trump saying, “She understands that our safety is about our muscle, but it’s also about our alliances. Donald Trump has a different attitude.” A video from his speech in Pembroke Pines is below.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack campaigned on behalf of Clinton meeting with voters at events across the state. He spoke about Clinton’s jobs plan and how it would create over 400,000 jobs in Pennsylvania alone. Vilsack is a native of Pittsburgh and was rumored to be on Clinton’s short list for running mate.

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News Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, ABC 10

Hillary Clinton Interviewed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.28.26 PM

On Friday, Hillary Clinton was interviewed via phone on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Speaking with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Clinton was asked about a number of topics including her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and her recent comments about Donald Trump’s ties to hate groups. Clinton criticized Trump’s comments about certain segments of the population asking, “If he doesn’t respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans?” The full video of Clinton’s interview is below.

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News Source: USA Today, US News & World Report

Tim Kaine Kicks off Florida Campaign Tour in Tallahassee


Tim Kaine began a two day campaign stint in Florida today with stops in Domi Station and Tallahassee. In Domi Station, Kaine spoke with small business owners and toured a local business before heading to a public rally at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. While Kaine’s speech primary focused on Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue economic growth and create millions of jobs, he also had some harsh words for Donald Trump. “Ku Klux Klan values, David Duke values, Donald Trump values are not American values,” Kaine said. The criticisms leveled by Kaine were the harshest we have heard from him since he was announced as Clinton’s running mate. A partial video from Kaine’s rally is below, and a full video will be added when/if available.

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News Source: Tampa Bay Times, WTXL

Hillary Clinton Statement on International Brotherhood of Teamsters Endorsement


Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In a statement, the group said that they support Clinton because she “is the right candidate for the middle class and working men and women across the country. She will stand strong for the workers of America by fighting to reject job-killing trade deals, enforcing labor laws and working to provide retirement security for millions of people who have sacrificed so much for the chance to retire with dignity.” Clinton released a statement thanking the group for their support and vowed to fight for working families and labor unions. A copy of Clinton’s statement is below.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Unions like the International Brotherhood of Teamsters built the American middle class, and they make our economy run today. Teamsters keep our planes in the air, they put food on our shelves, and they get packages to our doors. In fighting for better wages and safer conditions on the job, the Teamsters are fighting for all America’s workers. 

I have always been proud to stand with organized labor to create good jobs with good benefits and wages that make it possible to build a middle-class life. As President, I will stand with organized labor and I will always fight for workers’ rights to retire with dignity and security, and to receive the benefits they have earned after years of hard work.

The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. The Republican candidate for President is a man who has said wages are ‘too high’ in this country. Donald Trump personally signed a contract to hire a union-busting firm to try to stop his workers from organizing in his Las Vegas hotel. His running mate is a man who consistently supported efforts to undermine Social Security and who repealed Indiana’s 80-year-old prevailing wage law. Workers deserve better. And both of them support so-called ‘right to work’ laws that make it harder for workers to organize. I am proud to stand with organized labor against these laws, because ‘right to work’ is wrong for workers and wrong for America.

If elected, American workers will always have a seat at the table and a champion in the White House–because when unions are strong, America is strong.”

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News Source: International Brotherhood of Teamsters

HFA Statement on Trump’s Plan to Deport Every Undocumented Immigrant


Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri released the following statement reacting to Donald Trump’s plan to deport undocumented immigrants:

“Donald Trump reinforced today that he would deport 16 million people, including every undocumented immigrant and American citizens born here to undocumented parents.  Confirming what we’ve seen from the start of his campaign: Donald Trump will be Donald Trump. No one can change his hateful rhetoric or dangerous policies to send a deportation force into American communities, rescind DACA and DAPA, end birthright citizenship, and even ban remittances to families in Mexico in order to help build his giant wall. He may try to disguise his plans by throwing in words like “humane”  or ” fair,” but the reality remains that Trump’s agenda echoes the extreme right’s will–one that is fueling a dangerous movement of hatred across the country.

Enough is enough. Donald Trump must stop playing games with the lives of law-abiding immigrant families in order to save his campaign. These are families who contribute to the greatness of our country and that need a President who will fight to keep them together–not someone who will denigrate them and tear them apart.”

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