Inaugural Watermark Conference for Women

Tuesday, February 24, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared at the Inaugural Watermark Conference for Women in Silicon Valley. She spoke at length about the lack of women in Silicon Valley and the challenges facing young women and girls interested in entering the fields of science and technology. After her speech, Clinton was interviewed by Re/code CEO Kara Swisher. They continued the conversation about women in the Valley and the technology field. The topic of 2016 did come up briefly, but Clinton dodged the question.

Update: The Video has been added.

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RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

150115065722-hillary-clinton-crowd-tease-super-169Hillary Rodahm Clinton returned the speaking circuit following a one-month break. Speaking at an event at the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Clinton re-emerged as an announcement about her possible 2016 run is expected soon. She spoke on a wide variety of topics including the relationship between the United States and Canada, but she skirted questions about the contentious Keystone pipeline.

Clinton also spoke about the terrorist attack in Paris, and cautioned against blaming the entire Islamic religion for something that extremists carried out. She also spoke for the first time about President Barack Obama’s recent executive action to reform the immigration system of the United States saying, “Canada and the United States, unlike most places in the world, are nations built by immigrants and energized by our diversity. It hasn’t always been smooth or easy, but at our best, we kept expanding our idea of family and community … to keep making more room at the table.”

You may watch a video from the event by Clicking Here. (Thanks to Sara for the tip.)

For 2015, Clinton’s speaking schedule is light (see our 2015 Timeline) and there have been a number of reports indicating the she has built a team for her 2016 presidential run. Nevertheless, an announcement is not expected until sometime in the early spring.

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Happy New Year!

131213181355-cupp-hillary-clinton-bankers-story-topHappy New Year and welcome to the updated Hillary Clinton Speeches!

It appears that 2015 is going to be an important year for Hillary Rodham Clinton and her supporters. With a 2016 presidential run announcement expected early in the year, everyone will be watching Clinton’s scheduled speeches in early 2015.

While everyone seems to be looking forward to 2015, 2014 was a very important year for Clinton. She returned to the political spectrum during the 2014 mid-term elections. While the Democrats had a rough year, Clinton was out in the field supporting Democratic candidates and making speeches that sounded more political in nature.

Another major story from 2014 was the release of Clinton’s memoir, Hard Choices. Released in June, the book quickly made the New York Times Bestsellers list. The book picked up where her first memoir, Living History, left off and primarily focused on her years as Secretary of State. Along with the release of Hard Choices, Clinton completed a book tour which included 47 appearances on television and in local bookstores.

The final story of the year was Clinton’s speech blitz. Over the course of 2014, Clinton delivered speeches for church groups, business organizations, colleges, and more from coast to coast, plus in the United States and Canada. This year, she made a total of 102 speeches and appearances (that were open to the public and not counting appearances for Hard Choices), and you can see an outline of the speeches on our 2014 page.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for reading the site and following along as Clinton, possibly, embarks on the next chapter of her political career. This year, Hillary Clinton Speeches recorded over 20,000 views, and the stats continue to grow. Thank you for following the site in 2014, and we will keep reporting into 2015 and beyond!

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Clinton Releases Cuba Statement

Hillary Rodham ClintonToday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States and Cuba would begin to exchange in normal diplomatic relations and that he would push for further reform of the US-Cuba policy. With the news came the release of prisoners in Cuba and the return of prisoners to Cuba. This included the release of Alan Gross, who had been imprisoned for five years.

While this move has been met with with some criticism, it is something that Hillary Rodham Clinton has called for. In her book, Hard Choices, Clinton called for an updated strategy in regard to Cuba. She released a statement tonight supporting this move stating:

“I am deeply relieved by Alan Gross’s safe return to the United States, and I support President Obama’s decision to change course on Cuba policy, while keeping the focus on our principal objective — supporting the aspirations of the Cuban people for freedom. It is great news that Alan is finally home with his family, where he belongs.

As secretary of state, I pushed for his release, stayed in touch with Alan’s wife, Judy, and their daughters, and called for a new direction in Cuba. Despite good intentions, our decades-long policy of isolation has only strengthened the Castro regime’s grip on power.

As I have said, the best way to bring change to Cuba is to expose its people to the values, information, and material comforts of the outside world. The goal of increased U.S. engagement in the days and years ahead should be to encourage real and lasting reforms for the Cuban people. And the other nations of the Americas should join us in this effort.”

News and Image Source: Politico

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton accepted an award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Her acceptance speech touched on the recent police killings, but the focus of her speech was on the Senate’s torture report and the CIA. She denounced the use of torture saying, “Today we can say again in a loud and clear voice, the United States should never condone or practice torture anywhere in the world.”

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Data 2X Announcement

Monday, December 15, 2014

GTY 460497958 A CEL POL TIO USA NYHillary Rodham Clinton, along with the Bloomberg Foundation, spoke on behalf of Data 2X, a effort run by the United Nations Foundation. The group’s goal is to fill in the gaps related to available data about women’s issues in the developing world. Data 2X was launched by Clinton when she was Secretary of State, but today’s announcement was adding the partnership of the Clinton Foundation and Bloomberg Foundation. At the event, Clinton said that data is important because it clearly demonstrates failures and progress. She also spoke about how she has been treated at times when discussing women’s issues with US and foreign officials. She said, “You could just see the wheels turning: ‘Oh right, I knew she was going to raise women and girls. I will just smile, it will pass, and then we will talk about really important things.’”

A video from this event will be posted when/if available.

News and Image Source: USA Today

Meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Monday, December 8, 2014

PX1197762453600710_3132009bHillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today as a part of their short visit to the United States. They met at a reception held at the official residence of the British Consul General, Danny Lopez. A number of wildlife charities were represented at the reception which was co-hosted by the Duke and Duchess’s Royal Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. Clinton (who recently became a grandmother) and the Duchess (who is five months pregnant) briefly spoke about the importance of child development. The Duke gave a brief speech about the black market for animal hides and ivory saying, “It’s easy to blame others for the problem – demand in South East Asia, not enough protection on the ground, and so on. But, if I may say, we could start with looking closer to home. Our own nations still have thriving black markets in these products, and we have to raise the game at home as well as abroad.”

News and Photo Source: The Telegraph