Clinton Pens Time 100 Profile for Elizabeth Warren

John Kerry, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCainHillary Rodham Clinton wrote a profile for Senator Elizabeth Warren that will appear in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue. Warren is the strong Democrat who currently resides in the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in Congress. She has been heralded by many for her strong stance on Wall Street bankers and her criticism of the current political climate. Warren is a strong force in the party, and Clinton recognizes that. There are members of her own party who would prefer Warren run for president in Clinton’s place. However, Clinton praises Warren in the profile for Time and her role as a “champion of working families and scourge of special interests.” A copy of the profile is below:

Progressive champion

It was always going to take a special kind of leader to pick up Ted Kennedy’s mantle as senior Senator from Massachusetts—champion of working families and scourge of special interests. Elizabeth Warren never lets us forget that the work of taming Wall Street’s irresponsible risk taking and reforming our financial system is far from finished. And she never hesitates to hold powerful people’s feet to the fire: bankers, lobbyists, senior government officials and, yes, even presidential aspirants.

Elizabeth Warren’s journey from janitor’s daughter to Harvard professor to public watchdog to U.S. Senator has been driven by an unflagging determination to level the playing field for hardworking American families like the one she grew up with in Oklahoma. She fights so hard for others to share in the American Dream because she lived it herself.

Source: Time

Clinton Headed to New Hampshire Next Week

After meeting with a few Iowans this morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton has left Iowa. But she will be back on a campaign trail next week as she visits New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday. Clinton is expected to meet with local voters, students, business owners, and politicians as she did in Iowa. Her listening tour will continue as she builds her campaign platform.

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New Source: ABC News

Clinton Goes to Iowa – Day 2

635647067684854628-uscpcent02-6k31d12lf6s1fwnle79o-originalOn her second day in Iowa, Hillary Rodham Clinton continued to meet with potential voters and took part in a roundtable with small business owners from across central Iowa. The event, which took place at Capital City Fruit Company in Norwalk, focused on America’s reliance on small businesses, and the difficulty many small business owners face to start their business and to keep their doors open. Clinton said, “We need to be, we have to be, No. 1 again. Slowly over time it’s become more difficult — more expensive, more red tape, unnecessary regulations that have really put a damper.”

During the roundtable, one of the business owners referred to increasing costs in health care and Clinton spoke about health care and the Affordable Care Act. She acknowledged that was a problem, and said that she was interested in updating aspects of the law. This isn’t new for Clinton, however. In several speeches before announcing her candidacy, Clinton hinted that was open to changes to the ACA.

Other business owners brought up the difficulty of hiring immigrants and having to turn down able works because of the their immigrant status. Because immigration reform is currently stalled in Congress, businesses are stuck in the middle. Clinton blamed the lack of comprehensive immigration reform on political ideologies. She went on to say, “We are really missing out on economic opportunities because we haven’t been able to agree on comprehensive immigration reform.”

The event was a listening session where she encouraged the small business owners to talk openly. Clinton shied away from answering questions about her platform and plan for small businesses saying that she was still in the building phase and wanted to hear what people have to say before her platform is complete.

Today wrapped up Clinton’s visit to Iowa, where she also visited Des Moines and Marshalltown, but she promised that she would be back soon. She is expected to head to New Hampshire next where she will likely hold similar listening sessions with different groups of voters.

You can see pictures from Iowa on the Hillary for America Flickr page. Also, be sure to follow Clinton’s Twitter account and Facebook page. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign.

New Source: Politico, The Des Moines Register

Clinton Goes to Iowa – Day 1

Hillary Rodham Clinton kicked off her campaign by traveling (in a van she has nick-named “Scooby”) to Iowa. She made several appearances in the cities of Mount Vernon and Monticello. Instead of making stump speeches or meeting with donors, Clinton opted to meet with people going about their day. She stopped in and chatted with patrons at at least two coffee shops, walked down the street of LeClaire meeting with passers by and business owners, and she took part in a roundtable discussion with students at Kirkwood Community College. It is clear that Clinton’s early focus is reaching out to voters.

In her discussion at Kirwood Community College, Clinton began to outline her political platform referring to what she calls the “four big fights that I think we have to take on, because there are those who don’t agree with what I think we should be doing, and they’re pretty powerful forces.” The four big fights she referred to are: building an economy for America’s future, strengthening families and communities, reforming campaign finance, and continuing to focus on national security. Clinton will continue to flesh out her platform over the coming months.

Clinton is expected to make several more stops in Iowa tomorrow. You can get all the latest updates from Iowa by following Clinton’s Twitter account as well as the Hillary for Iowa Twitter account. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign.

New Source: CBS News, The Des Moines Register

Clinton on the Road to Iowa

Just hours after announcing her formal campaign, Clinton Tweeted a photo with a family she met while on her way to Iowa. Her first event in Iowa is on Tuesday because tomorrow will be driving day…that’s right, Clinton is literally taking her campaign on the road. Clinton will meet with everyday Americans along the route and when she arrives in Iowa. This is part of a grassroots strategy to focus on the American people.

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Breaking: Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Hillary Rodham Clinton ended speculation today by announcing that is running for president in 2016. In a video released online, Clinton outlined her plans for her campaign and appealed to potential voters. She is expected to speak with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in the coming days.

As Clinton’s campaign kicks off, we will be adding a Presidential Campaign section with information about Clinton’s campaign team and her appearances. For now, you can follow Clinton’s campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the official website.

This is the announcement Clinton supporters have been waiting for. Let’s work together to get Clinton elected in 2016!

Clinton Expected to Announce this Weekend

Clinton announces her 2008 presidential campaign

Clinton announces her 2008 presidential campaign

Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce her 2016 Presidential campaign this Sunday with an online video. Clinton announced her plans in a similar way when she ran in 2008. She is expected to release a video announcing her intentions while she travels to Iowa for her first campaign stops. After Iowa, Clinton is expected to take her message to New Hampshire.

We will post updates as this story unfolds.

News Source: CNN